It’s impossible to not be left awestruck at the sight of Saif Ali Khan’s youngest son, Taimur, the celebrity kid who has already won over the hearts of the general public.

His innate love for media is evident from the fact that he makes sure the paparazzi notice him by waving right at them.

The child has even made his nanny famous!

But I think this kind of fame at such an young age might do him great harm in the future.

Kareena’s Reluctance To Have Her Child In The Limelight

Kareena Kapoor Khan has tried to keep her son behind the curtains and has often revealed in interviews her wish to keep Taimur away from the spotlight.

‘Bebo’ understands the side effects of glamour at an early stage and wants to protect her child from it.

“I want Taimur to grow as normal as possible, then why should he be treated any differently?”

I Don’t Think The Media Understands

The three-year-old does not only have fan pages online but has endless memes centering around him.

Imagine this, if there were memes on you flooding the internet when you were little, I am a hundred percent sure you’d be embarrassed of yourself when you see them as a teenager.

Journalists have gone as far as to create a newspaper column of Taimur interviewing celebrities. I mean seriously? Are you running THAT short of content?

Hyping up a toddler and bringing him into the limelight all the time is stealing him of a normal childhood.

Though he’s too small to realize it now, the media following him 24/7 will begin to annoy him as he enters a certain age and realizes the aftermath of his popularity.

This kind of build-up in a child can lead him to hate stardom altogether, maybe.

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There are newspaper articles on Taimur going Christmas shopping with Kareena. Do I want to read news about a child going Christmas shopping with his mom? No! Absolutely not.

There are actual issues out there that need our attention, but instead, media decides to invest their time on sabotaging a kid’s childhood days.

The Effects Such Stardom Might Have

It is obvious that Taimur is going to experience what we call ‘societal pressure’ to step into the film industry.

There might be a chance that the lad might give in to the call just to live up to the family name.

On the other hand, there are great chances of Taimur shifting to a foreign education system to avoid the limelight here.

Does the media even take into account the aftermath of their actions? I say it’s very important to put a restriction on Taimur’s media appearances; I’m sure Saif and Kareena are influential enough to put an end to this. What do you think? Will they do it?

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