Bollywood Music Is Now Used To Distract The ISIS By Special Agencies

British forces are blasting (pun intended) Bollywood music as a weapon against Islamic State (ISIS) forces stationed in Libya.

I agree that Bollywood music today isn’t the best and one or two songs would leave anyone on the brink of suicide.


But jokes aside, to think that killing machines like the ISIS would get distracted so easily by songs is amusing and borderline bizarre indeed.

The mastermind behind the idea

A Pakistan-born intelligence officer came up with this ‘brilliant’ idea. His theory is that Bollywood music would definitely annoy the Islamic state as they consider it to be ‘un-Islamic’. To shape that annoyance into a weapon against terrorism is commendable.

But it would be advisable for them not to push their luck. I mean, playing Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ would cause suffering even to the British and Libyan forces.

It actually worked a few times

On 1st June 2016, the British forces intercepted the ISIS communications and ‘attacked’ it with Bollywood music which unnerved the terrorists because it goes against the ‘Sharia’ law that ISIS have imposed in Libya which bans everything Western.

Another incident involved a UK team, aided by Libyan troops, placing two cars near checkpoints at the edge of Sirte and using them to play Bollywood music at dawn with huge speakers in the ISIS-controlled region as a show of defiance to the ISIS leaders and disturb them psychologically.

It also allows them to track down the ISIS militants in hiding as they start to complain about the music on their radio, thus unveiling their precise location.

 terrorism 2

The British forces are playing a non-combatant role

As part of a force known as the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), forces from Britain are only stationed in Libya to provide assistance to the Libyan troops (with the power of music apparently) as well as train them in defeating ISIS militants. The militants have occupied large parts of Sirte for 20 months and are believed to have 4,000 insurgents in the region.

The SBS (Special boat service), a sister agency of the SAS (special air service), will only strike ISIS if they are attacked first.

We don’t know what kind of weapon Bollywood music can be categorised as, but some are suitably calling it a weapon of mass ‘DISTRACTION’.

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