BJP Has Decided To Fund A Citizen’s Medical Expenses. T&C Apply Obviously!

Gandhi helped free the country, and a lot of people respect and adore him for that. It is probably because of this respect, that the Gandhi family is still patronised by the Indian government, so much so that they are ready to bear the family’s medical expenses.

Kanubhai Gandhi is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, is admitted to a private hospital in Surat, and the local BJP government has declared to bear all his medical expenses.


About Kanubhai Gandhi

Kanubhai is the son of Ramdas, third son of Mahatma Gandhi. The eighty-six year old is a graduate of MIT and has also worked with NASA in the past. He is married to Shivalakshmi, who holds a doctorate in biochemistry.

The couple spent about four decades in the states and returned to India in 2014, and are currently staying at the Sant Nivas that is managed by Punjabi Samaj in Surat. It was here that Kanubhai suffered a heart attack and was moved to the hospital.

Heart attack and Paralysis

Kanubhai suffered a serious heart attack which paralysed the left side of his body. He has been admitted for almost a week, but his condition has not improved. He is on the ventilator and is under close observation.

Kanubhai has had visitors from BJP and has always been in close contact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has tried to live by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles, but not to the fullest. His daily expenses are managed by the old-age home, Sant Nivas. Although, it is surprising that someone who has stayed in the US for forty years is currently facing a great financial crisis.

Kanubhai is no great politician, nor has he significantly contributed to the country in the past. A large number of citizens suffer from a heart attack or paralysis, but we don’t really see the government funding their medical expenses, do we? Kanubhai too is a regular citizen who is being heavily endorsed only because he is the grandson of the Father of our Nation. His case just shows us the bias the government practices.

Yes, the government will probably finance Kanubhai’s medical expenses through the party funds (or at least we hope they do so), but this is not the kind of message they should be sending to the citizens of this country. This just jeopardises the concept of democracy and proportionate our privileges directly to the kind of political connections we have.

We do wish Kanubhai a speedy recovery, but just wish that the government realises that it’s not just the Bollywood celebrities who have a social responsibility and need to take care of their actions, and the kind of message they promote.

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