Binaural Beats: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Music is the perfect medicine for a peaceful soul. This is a universally accepted fact. But now, let me introduce you to a magical phenomenon that will keep you spellbound. We call it the ‘binaural beats.’

What is it and how does it work?

Binaural Beats were discovered in discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a physicist. He explained that when two sounds of different frequencies are passed through one ear each, our brain tends to create an illusionary sound of the difference of the frequencies. This illusionary sound is known as the binaural beat.

For example: a sound of frequency 210 Hz is passed through your left ear, and another sound of 200 Hz is passed through the right ear. Your brain will work in a fancy manner and create an illusionary sound (aka the binaural beat) of frequency 10 Hz.


These illusionary beats are of different frequencies and hence are given different names. Every beat has its own significance and use. The approximate frequencies are given below:

Frequency of the sound Name of the sound
4 HZ to 8 HZ Theta Waves
8 HZ to 14 HZ Alpha Waves
14 HZ to 30 HZ Beta Waves
30 HZ to 58 HZ Gamma Waves


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The formation of this illusionary beat creates a sense of balance and harmony in the brain. It helps you direct all your good energy on the focus subject and also helps in getting rid of the imbalance and the distraction of the mind. Binaural beats are more often than not used by doctors for medical treatments. In fact, it is used as a short cut and a better method of meditating.

Types of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are present for any and every purpose. There’s a soundtrack for meditation, for concentration, for relaxation and everything else too. These sounds have been defined according to the frequencies that are suitable for the cause.

As a student, I have personally used these during my exams in order to concentrate and to my surprise, it was a great success. The synchronisation created by these helped me focus on my subject matter irrespective of the fact that there was constant distraction in my environment.


You too can try these out. Binaural beats are available on App Store at: and at the Play Store at:

Besides this, Youtube has a great collection of this wonderful musical drug. Go on and check out the one best suited for your cause!

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