Bill Gates – World’s First Trillionaire: ED Poster Series

Bill Gates could well be on his way to becoming the world’s first ever Trillionaire, a word that does not even exist at the moment, since no one has ever been able to amass that much wealth in their life time.

Microsoft is known all over the world, and no one has been able to dethrone Gates from the richest people in the world, list in his lifetime.

But this new development could soon mean that Bill Gates might just be carving a whole new section of what being rich means and would make him the richest rich to ever rich.

So seeing the immense media frenzy around this news, we decided to create a Poster Series, talking about some amazing facts about Bill Gates and what it means to just… be him:

bill gates

bill gatesbill gatesbill gatesbill gates

bill gates

bill gates

bill gates

bill gates

bill gates

We know that if anyone could be the world’s first trillionaire, it would just have to be Bill Gates.

Keeping in mind the investments, high returns and crazy amounts of money that Microsoft keeps amassing, Gates’s net worth will only keep increasing year by year.

After all these stats and information, it almost seems that, even if Gates wanted to just spend away all his wealth, it would be an extremely difficult and lengthy process.

Unlike for us normal folk, who can barely keep it in our pocket, and most of the time, end up spending out month’s paycheck within the first week or so of the month. It is almost like we go into a trance when we get that notification and must spend it all as soon as possible. This world is just so unfair to us mere mortals sometimes, no?

Do let us know in the comments section of any other crazy and wacky fact about Bill Gates and what exactly it means to have all that he has.

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