Elections in Bihar: Neck to Neck Fight On Twitter: Catch The Mudslinging Here

Patna is currently struggling with elections as the billboards and banners urge people to make the right choice. In many ways the elections in Patna is a mirror of the nation. The majority of population of Bihar still resides in rural areas which is also the case of our nation.


The NDA (the BJP led alliance) and the Grand Alliance (alliance between erstwhile rivals, Lalu Prasad Yadav of RJD and current Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar) are fighting neck to neck to win this election.

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While the BJP is campaigning on their sole claim of development, the Grand Alliance is ridiculed for ‘JungleRaj’ and coming together only to prevent defeat as Mr. Kumar not only took digs at Lalu Prasad Yadav but fought him on several occasions.

Their struggle can be overviewed with the twitter wars they have been waging against each other.

Makes you wonder if any politician has fulfilled his promises.


When you hear someone make a comeback :P

Amit shah

Ouch. That must’ve hurt!

Lalu 3

Politics explained!

Amit shah2

What about you?


Development. Development. Development.

Amit Shah 4

We should give the devil his due.


This is what happens when you contest on one name  (Modi) and one promise (Development). 

Amit shah3

While neither side would quit playing the blame game or calling each other names which almost sounds like kids in a kindergarten but sadly enough is true. In this trifle, only one can be victorious and with such cut throat competition, it’s hard to reach a conclusion before elections.



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