Bhuvan Bam is a household name for all the millennials. Talented and versatile YouTube star Bhuvan Bam came up with a new idea, Titu Talks.

All the roles in Bhuvan’s BBkiVines are played by himself. Bhuvan is the protagonist of this funny and weird story while Titu mama is his gangster maternal uncle.  Titu Talks is a chat show hosted by Titu mama. In the first episode, the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan was the guest at the show. The first episode was loved by all.

The announcement of the second episode left everyone in surprise. Many of the fans thought it to be a prank but when the episode came out, it was a mix of shock and surprise for Bhuvan’s fans. The second episode hosted the famous porn star, Johnny Sins. Yes, you heard it right! This interaction was praised highly on Twitter.

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Looking forward to upcoming episodes of #TituTalks.

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