Bhajji to act!!!


Harbhajan Singh, after successfully tricking the batsmen with his googlies, is now all-ready to mesmerize the cinema-goers. He is up to act in his first ever movie stint. The 33 year old has donned the ‘Khaki vardi’ for his debut movie and features is a cameo in the upcoming Punjabi film, ‘Bhaji in Problem’. In the trailers, he’s seen playing a Punjab police official.

The film has been produced by Akshay Kumar and also features him in a special appearance. This film is certainly going to be a ‘biggy’ in the punjabi cinema.
So, the big news is out.
Harbhajan Singh might be struggling with his form at the cricket pitch, but let’s hope that his first movie be a success.
His bowling has often blazed the stumps in the past, now let’s see how his movie turns out.


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