Better Connected Than We Think – The String Theory

What’s String Theory? How does it explain the never-ending queries we hold against this universe? More important to us on a selfish level, how does it affect us?
Read on even if you’re as interested as that little end of a string, about the string. I made a joke here.

String theory says that the point-like particles of particle we’ve known forever ( and tried to memorize for longer than that ), are actually one-dimensional objects called strings.  These strings are defined as *infinitesimal building-blocks that have only the dimension of length, neither height nor width.* *On distance scales larger than the string scale*,that is, from distances that are too long as compared to the length of the string, the string would look like just like an ordinary particle.

The mass, charge, and other properties are determined by the vibrational state of the string. This would be the most understandable factor, cuz ya know, what you do is how you vibe.

String theory also describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other, leading to the various phenomenon that we observe around us. That’s what we’re trying to explain in this piece about String Theory.

The relevance of string theory can be gauged by looking at what all it does affect, be it black hole physics, early universe cosmology, nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics, even in the stimulation of a number of major developments in pure mathematics. Well, now, if there exists something which could control that devil of mathematics, we’re all ears to as to how it might affect us less majestic beings, humans.

What’s that these strings teach us?
That there’s more to the universe than being a three-dimensional combination of length, breadth and height.

The most important lesson from the strings that influences our lives is that all the things that happen to us, or around us, are governed by more than just the physical forces of the Universe.

The string theory has detected the presence of 10, although still unidentified, dimensions which govern the universe. Moreover, the now-advanced theory boosts of the spacetime being constructed of 11, ( the M-Theory ) or even 26 dimensions ( bosonic string theory ) .

These theories are already self-contradictory, you may ask?
To maintain mathematical and relative consistency, it is assumed that the dimensions which weren’t included in the earlier of varying contemporary versions of the theory, were simply not observed, that is, they simply escaped detection.

Another way around all these strings might be the fact that : hey, isn’t it obvious? Our lives are affected by factors ahead of where we walk, how tall we are and the distance we travel. That’s what the string theory does : It’s trying to explain the obvious, which cannot be tested, but seen, almost everyday. Like this –

Emotion might be a dimension.

The best example to explain something like this would be :

We are very familiar to the phenomenon that time passes slowly when we’re bored or sad or something of the sort. On the contrary, the hours during which we’re supposedly happy or are having fun pass along like minutes.

Yet another way to put it – when we’re unbelievably and utterly happy, even the test we didn’t study for looks ace-able, and we do ace it most of the time. On much sadder days, not only does every thing looks beyond difficult when studying, if some superhumans of our race do manage to study in such situations, the test isn’t under much control of ours.

While I’m not stating that emotion is truly a dimension in itself, it surely does affect how we think which in turn affects how we act and thus affects our lives in an almost inevitable manner. Other than this direct influence, it also does mingle with the dimension of time, which causes the above phenomenon to occur.

Why does everything seem to have a vibe?

As simple as it gets – the strings stuff is made up of, they vibrate. those vibrations then propagate through air and affect our own vibes, which leads us to feeling a certain way about specific things and people and places. We feel completely at ease at some places or with some people, because our strings interacted well together, and completely repelled by others, because the strings didn’t tie well.

In some way, string theory could be used to rationalize almost everything that happens to us, all we need to do is get a little smarter and dig deeper. Because of its wide-ranging applications and ease of application, according to scientists, string theory could be the one, absolute, explain-it-all theory, explaining all that has to be explained in this universe.
Too many explanations, I know.

But that’s for laters.

For now, let’s mini-dance, because, expressing it in the most cheesy way I can, Love could actually take you places.



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