Before & After Of Delhi’s Odd Even: ED Gets You The Perfect Posters

The Odd-Even car policy isn’t practical or impractical. It is a simple leap of faith. It can succeed or it can fail, however its impact would be long lasting and leave a mark on the psyche of the minds of Delhiites and even Indians.

Suddenly there is a spurt in awareness about pollution in India.

People are talking about how much they suffer due to pollution, they are now thinking of ways to end this menace. It used to be a topic left for the nobody to discuss; now it has found its way into the drawing rooms and cafes.

cover (1)

Odd-Even aren’t just words, after the odd-even car policy implemented by The New Delhi government, it has become a feeling that has awakened the minds of not just corporates and business class travelling by cars but also the minds of young and quirky artists like us to come up with something lighter this odd-even season.

ED brings you few light moments of the odd-even policy in Delhi:

If you say you’re late now. Take it the other way round! Your boss might just strangle you for lying.

Odd-even (2)

Love was never so easy! Thanks Kejru

date (1)

Now every day is friendship day!

concept3 (1)

Kaali Billi ne aakhir raasta kaat hi diya!

Odd even4 (1)

Waking Life! 

wakinglife (1)


These real life instances are also a part of odd-even Delhi. ED specifically wanted to get out of the daily hustle bustle of odd-even Delhi and make a point about the connection of odd-even moments of life affected by the policy.

If you are still looking to your odd-even problem, find your solutions here: #DelhiOddEvenLogic: Even Odd Solutions Can Solve A Problem


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