Befikre: Add Lots Of Kissing And We Will Go Watch The Movie Like Idiots

Ok so today I am going to talk about the upcoming movie Befikre.

A lot has already been written about this upcoming film that will be releasing in cinemas across the country in December.

I believe like always we too had a take on the trailer, which went something like


I mean, the film is not really offering something extremely new or unique in terms of plot or story and even the trailer just seems to be a bad editing job, where they took a bunch of weird and crazy scenes, of course mixed in the kissing scenes which required a full day to themselves and then simply combined it all with a fast track music piece.

I know I said in another post that I like it when trailers do not reveal the entire story, but I also seem to detest trailers which are sloppy and look as if it was made with a blindfold on.

Meaning that the trailer seemed to show that absolutely no effort went into making sure that the story was conveyed without giving out the entire plot.

But I am veering a bit off track, I am not here to give a comment on the trailer but what I feel is a more important topic that is, how far have romantic relationships come from a marriage proposal being the start of the romance to now when movies are advocating that the trend is all about carefree and commitment free relationships.

What Is The Meaning?

Wait wait… don’t get me wrong, I am not a, marriage is the end all for all relationships, kind of girl. Instead I fully believe that Indians need to start normalizing dating and casual carefree relationships.

There is nothing wrong if the couple is just in it for fun, and as long neither of the partners are under the illusion that it is something more than it is, then such a relationship is not just fine, but can also be fun and a great introduction to the concept of romance and relationships.

But one also needs to be practical and think about what kind of society we all live in.

And when films like Befikre come along that portray this strange utopian kind of relationship where the centre focus are the two individuals, it sets unfair expectations for the youth of the country.

Because frankly speaking, India is not really ready to even accept that youngsters can date let alone have a casual sexual relationship.

What I Want It To Lead To?

Alright, so I’m not under any disillusion that this one film will bring about change of epic proportions and that suddenly Indians will start to accept this concept.

But I sure hope that Befikre somehow deals with this double edged sword that the youth of today stands at.

Right now, the plot of the film is not very clear and in that I hope that they go on to be more than just a film which has 23 kisses.

On one hand their own mentality is progressive and they themselves seem to be all for such kind of relationships, however the constraints that the society puts on it, creates an identity crisis, which can lead to some very bad way of dealing with relationships ind general.

What exactly is one supposed to do? Follow their heart and their own modern thinking, or go according to what the society deems right?

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