This Trio Turned A Siri Reply Into An Indian Classical Beatbox Mashup And It’s Going Viral On Facebook

“Siri, what’s one trillion to the tenth power?” “One zero zero zero zero…” and that’s how it started.

This video uploaded by Muhamed Faizal on his Facebook wall has gone viral. Though only liked by 9 people, the video has already grossed over 700,000 views and shared nearly 15,000 times within three days of posting.

This video is not available on YouTube, so click on this picture for the Facebook link…

Screenshot (95)

Not to be reading too much into this, but I personally love how even the “cool, new age” youth is doing so well with the classical genre, not to mention the incredible fusion with the beat-boxing.

This type of composition wherein the background is repetitive (zero zero zero zero zero…) is called looping and is often used by beat boxers during stage shows. However, this is the first time that something like this has surfaced where looping, beat boxing, classical beats and Carnatic music are synced together. It’s a very earthy form of A Capella, with Siri being one of the vocalists! Guess technology is not just for geeky use, eh?

Tell us what you think in the comments section. Also, have you any other such records? We are big fans!


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