Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love video games? They are the perfect escape anyone can have from reality. We all have grown up dreaming about saving the princess from the dragon or ride that cool, funky car in Need For Speed. Video games have truly been an integral part of our growing up years.

But with recent developments, video games are no child’s play anymore. They have become this suave entity everybody obsesses over. And with the recent technological advancements, video games will drive the world insane. Yes, I am talking about Augmented Reality.


The basic theory behind augmented reality games is to use devices to superimpose computer-generated graphics and sensory signals over a real-world environment.

All these features will be applied in real time. Any of the gadgets from a mobile phone to a laptop will be compatible with this augmented reality.

Specialised glasses and lenses will be available through which the player can become a part of the augmented reality.

Augmented reality will work when the player is already physically present at a location. The device being used by the user will then merge images over reality to create the most interactive virtual world, which resembles the real places in physical attributes.

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Top video game developing companies are using augmented reality as a means to create better games. They want to create such a game that offers an amazing gameplay.

Recently, Pokemon Go became so popular thanks to its augmented reality-based game design. This game allowed the user to access different Pokemon around their real surroundings.

Certain companies like Sony and Nintendo, are coming up with their own version of games based in real time.


An augmented reality fighting game will allow the player to literally jump into the arena and fight it out for their life. You can even make it rain in your room virtually if you want. These are some small examples of the various endless possibilities we have with this technology.

But are there any not so cool effects of the game? Tests conducted on gamers trying out the AR gear reported nausea and eye strain after a little longer use.

Also, the AR gear comes at a drop-dead cost of hundreds of dollars. Plus there is so much you can do with the augmented reality that the line between real and virtual is bound to get overlapped. And this can create serious problems.

So on a whole, the augmented reality is all cool and all, with you simulating holding an AK-47 in your hand killing some alien scum. But draw the line where this technology starts to infiltrate your real life. Till then, happy gaming.

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