What Is Artificial Intelligence And How Will It Affect The Future Of Jobs?

By Preeti Kumari

This is not about making some drug for humans to make them more intelligent rather it is the technology for making computers smarter and more human.

From being a “sports” computer to driverless cars and even robotic sex partners, the concept of artificial intelligence is materialising rapidly. And at the time like this when we stand at the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, a question is raised that were do we land ultimately?

What if the man made automation go out of control and turn on their creators?

Can even the very being of a human be preserved in a system of circuits?

Hmm, it seems like we are in the midst of uncertainties.


Sophisticated like humans?

Artificial intelligence is not only about driverless cars. These are machines which are being built to act like humans. The voice research in your mobile phones, reading facial expressions and emotions are all a part of this virtual league. Apple’s Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface program, in short SIRI, is also a part of this only (oh, yes).


It also plays a key role in the health sector. With increasing contribution in identifying cancer cells and the link between the triggers, it can become an asset.

2015 was a great year in the field of artificial intelligence. From freeing the cars from the hands of “intelligent” drivers and giving in the hands of “artificially intelligent” drivers to computers acting as negotiators, the year registered a lot of change. And believe me, this is just the beginning.

It’s  estimated that around 65% of children entering in primary schools today are likely to work in roles that do not currently exist. So, the next time your *poking-their-nose- relatives* ask you that what are you doing, quote this.

What lies ahead?


The current anxious debate about the long-term effects of artificial intelligence and changes thereafter depends on how today’s workforce and talent strategies contribute to successfully manage this transition. It is not as if the rise of robots will displace humans in the mainstream. But yes, the dynamics is definitely going to change.

Developing intelligence of the level of humans is something which is still under question mark (that means there is still time to protect our throne). This is because it is not easy for the machines to take split-second decisions and also, many decisions are based on our ethics and morals which are difficult to ingrain in the brain of computers. Developing a real “Dexter” is a lot harder than the reel one. Well, manipulation is the key.

So, as an effect, supercomputers can not fully replace humans. But a momentous change is underway and ultimately, it is our actions today that will determine whether that change mainly results in massive displacement of workers or the emergence of new opportunities.

“Everything we have that is good in our lives is the result of our intelligence. So if Artificial Intelligence can amplify our intelligence, then we could be talking about a golden age of humanity.”-Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley

Watch this video here for a better understanding.

Picture Credits: Google

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