Have You Seen How Army Dads Send SMSes? This Will Leave You In Splits

Attention all Army Brats!

This is something you will relate to.

How many times have you whatsapped your dad and felt how army the reply was?

Everybody loves their dads but army dads are extra special. They are not just firm and strong but the faujipan shows in everything they do be it folding laundry or typing a text.

Like normal people Army dads don’t believe in the idea of using short forms or informal writing. What they write has to be complete with proper English and punctuation. So:

GTG becomes I will be taking your leave.

TTYL becomes we will catch up another time.

And TC becomes Let your health be in pink.

I collected a few sample of the most bizarre things army dads say

1. When they go shopping.



2. When you go shopping.



3. When you get the speech.



4. When the times are different.



5. When praise is confused with sarcasm.



6. When terms are new.



7. When text language is just not enough.



So texting them is a disaster because it makes us question our education. But still maybe that’s how the fighters have to be always brave and formal. After all being in Army is all about the confidence and the attitude.

So cheers to our Army dads

But still would prefer to call them for a conversation.


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