Are Women Safe Anywhere? Woman Stabbed 28 Times By Stalker On A Busy Delhi Road

Women in India have been told for ages to not go out at night because it is unsafe, you know how men cannot control their sexual urges at night and go all berserk. If that wasn’t enough, our ministers are even considering asking female tourists to abstain from travelling at night for safeguarding themselves of course.

But what about women being murdered during the day?

In a brutal incident, Karuna, a 22-year-old schoolteacher died after she succumbed to her injuries of being stabbed 28 times by her stalker. The man, Surender Singh “loved” her deeply, and was heartbroken after Karuna rejected his proposal for marriage.


After his advances were not paid heed to, he fell back to following Karuna wherever she went. This had been going on till six months, after which she lodged a complaint at the police station five months ago.

According to the police, both the families had reached a compromise as taking the case further would hamper the reputation of the families.

“The man was harassing my sister for a long time. He stays in Rohini. We had registered a complaint after which he had calmed down until now,” ANI quoted the victim’s brother as saying.

What is the most disturbing element about this incident is the fact that it took place on a busy road in North Delhi’s Burari area at 9 am. It is that time of the day when people are leaving their homes for work, and roads are usually filled with people.

CCTV footage shows that onlookers witnessed the crime, yet nobody helped. But, he was chased and beaten up by people afterwards. Well, that cannot bring a woman back to life.


Source: Hindustan Times

This incident has raised a zillion questions in my head.

Why can a man not take a simple NO for an answer?

Why would a family not lodge a proper FIR so that the police would have kept a close watch (that is what we hope) on Singh?

How can people witness such a heinous crime and not do anything about it?

If anybody would have raised their voice against it, Karuna might be alive today.

This news has come a few days after a 32-year-old married woman was stabbed to death allegedly by her lover on Sunday, who then committed suicide in southwest Delhi’s Inderpuri area. The woman has been in a relationship with the assailant before marriage, and this continued even after marriage until the woman ceased all contact with him and started avoiding him.


What goes on in the minds of the people who commit such heinous crimes? Are we, as a country, trying to figure out why men cannot take rejection as an answer? Now you would say that it happens all over the world, why just drag India down? It does. No woman is ever safe at any place on earth. But aren’t you just tired of reading about rapes and murders on every page of the newspaper every single day?

We crib and complain, but when we witness a crime, we become Gandhi’s three monkeys. Will the government do anything about it? Will the police work on ensuring the safety of the residents? That’s just rhetoric. We all know the answer.

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