Android Hits A Major Milestone in 2016- But Is Its Future Secure?

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Google’s brainchild Android captured nearly 88 percent of global operating system market share while Apple stumbled to maintain its market share and experienced a decline of 5.2 percent.

Compared to 2015, Android device sales are up 10.3 percent to 328.6 million while the sales of Apple’s iPhones are down to 45.5 million from 48 million.

An Android demo booth at a tech conference.
An Android demo booth at a tech conference.

How The Competition Racks Up?

Mobile operating systems made by other tech giants including Microsoft, Samsung, and Blackberry have nearly disappeared from the OS race, collectively making up a meager 0.3 percent of market share.

A good case can be made that the popularity gained by Android in recent years comes from availability of a variety of options ranging from low-cost devices to premium features. In countries in like India and China, the growth can be attributed to the rise of small-scale vendors like Micromax, Karbonn Mobiles, and Huawei.

With the recent launch of Pixel and Pixel XL by Google, it is apparent that Google is also jumping in the smartphone manufacturing industry after partnering with a multitude of smartphone over the years.

But Is Android’s Popularity Enough To Sustain It?

While there are tons of options for buying an Android device, the major problem faced by the consumers is the unavailability of regular OS updates. Imagine a world where all android devices were on a “unified-update schedule” that would update all android devices to the latest OS. How Apple’s iOS would rank against something like that bewilders me.

I feel like the reason why a lot of people move to iPhones is because of poor previous experience with Android as some of the older versions were not very robust or attractive. A lot has changed over the last few years and device makers should focus on transitioning iPhone users into Android.

Most of the flagship smartphones by Samsung, Sony, and other manufacturers are superior to iPhones in both hardware, software, and updates. Hopefully the move by Google to release its own line of phones has something similar in mind.

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