Yes I Am Hindu And She Is A Muslim…And We Even Shared Our Food

Ishwar or Allah, ultimate aim being God ‘The Almighty’ in different forms.

Beef or Pork, both being animals with differently believed religious significance.

Joining hands to worship Bhagwan or opening hands to Worship Allah, what is the penultimate goal? To show our devotion towards our Bhagwan and Allah or something much beyond?

Adoption of an orphan child or rejecting the adoption of an Orphan child where a father can also marry the wife of his adopted son, what is it? Something beyond possessing a different ideology?

Sacrificing an animal in one blow or making Halal slaughter(slow painful) to kill the animal till whole of the blood comes out, the animal is slaughtered, it is sacrificed, murdering using a knife causing bloodshed or strangulating somebody causing asphyxiation, end result will always be ‘ DEATH’, nothing more, nothing less.

If we closely scrutinize all the above examples and instances, one thing we will realize is that where the difference lies is our brains, our mind, our thoughts, our perception and the way we see and want to follow things. The abovementioned may all be different people doing different things and by not mentioning here about who does what and why, some of us might or might not know the exact people we are talking about here. Now suddenly if I mention here Hindus and Muslims, we certainly get a division of the two sects in our minds, being segregated in the left and right corners of our brain.

Why is it so? I have a little story to share that I recall from my childhood…

I was in class 3 in school when a new comer entered our class. Kids at that age indulge in making new friends without much deliberation like in ordinary course a grown up would generally behave. I was that kid sitting alone cause my partner was absent that day. My class teacher called me and introduced me to that girl who had come to Delhi from Kashmir a day ago cause her father who was in the military had got posted here. She had joined our school and on her first day, I was her first friend, the first person that she was becoming friends with in Delhi. I sure did not realize these factors at that time, for me she was another girl who had come to my school and was now going to be my partner to sit with for rest of the days in class 3.

A new friend I was going to make irrespective of her name being Jasmeet, Jasmine or Jona. I came home that day and as usual shared my day with my mom, the first question that came was Muslim hai? I would not comment on the intentions that existed but that surely was the question. I shared the same with my grandmother who said Musalman hai? Tune uska khaana bhi khaya? Later during the day when my Dad came home from work and I discussed my school with him, I was generally asked regarding her father’s job that got them posted to Delhi.

Now I am not saying here that my family is a bunch of narrow minded, conservative people who judge the people around and enquire about them. No they are not, they might not even the know the names of all my friends, but the one thing worth mentioning here is that yes I made a new friend, a friend from Kashmir, a friend who was a Muslim, whose Dad got posted here and Yes I shared her tiffin as a 9 year old kid would of any other friend.

It is all in our minds…If we step forth and broaden our outlooks thinking from a different perspective and we as the youth of this nation take a step forward this BROTHERHOOD that we are celebrating today to propagate the feelings of Brotherhood will one day become a festival to commemorate the relations built and those in making…

In light of the ED’s ‘Brotherhood Week’,

Let us just spend a minute to read this Shayari that I found to hold meaning and impact us in the way it is intended to…

Zameene Baante Firte Ho,

Aasman Baanto Toh Maane,

Alag Kiye Insaan Bade,

Parinde Chhanto Toh Maane,

Jab Paida Hua Toh Aadam Kya Tha?

Hindu Ya Musalman, Mazhab Batao Toh Maane,

Jab Khoon Ki Zaroorat Hoti Hai,

Toh Poochhte Ho Kiska Hai?

Doosri Jaati Ka Khoon, Doctor Ko Lautao Toh Maane.

Chand Se Seekho, Eid Ka Bhi Hai Aur Karwa Chauth Ka Bhi,

Kaat Te Ho Nasle, Fasale…

Yah Bair Kaato Toh Maane!


ED is celebrating The Brotherhood Week here, do join in the celebrations! 

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