An Alleged Murder Or A Misfire: The Story Of Dancer Kulvinder Kaur

Celebratory firing is customary in parts of north India, claiming several lives every year. What makes this preposterous ‘custom’ flourish is the mere fact that such acts are not acted upon by the government effectively. Claiming yet another life, this practice has finally come under the radar.

The Event

It was a wedding celebration in Bhatinda, Punjab and all was well until a bullet from Lucky Goel’s double-barrel gun hit dancer Kulvinder Kaur in her stomach, and she died on-spot.

Kulvinder Kaur
Centre : Kulvinder Kaur Dancing

Kulvinder is one of the many victims of celebratory firings, but unlike other cases, this one is probably going to stay in the limelight as her husband, Harjinder Singh is all set to rage a war for justice along with other orchestra groups.

Harjinder Singh’s Allegations

According to Harjinder, it is much more than a mere case of misfire. He claims that his wife, Kulvinder Kaur, had refused to the invitation of drunk Lucky Goel and other men to leave the stage and join them on the ground. As an act of revenge, and cleverly shadowed as celebratory firing, Lucky Goel shot the dancer. What seems as a trick to gain sympathy is the allegation made by Harjinder that his wife was three months pregnant; although, the same has been denied by local doctors who conducted the post-mortem.

Lucky Goel’s Defence

Drunk Lucky Goel who was using Sanjay Goel’s double-barrel gun claims that a bullet had gotten stuck, and in an attempt to unlock the gun the misfire led to the death of the dancer.

double barrel gun
A double-barrel gun

The Result

Lucky Goel along with the owner of the gun, Sanjay Goel have been arrested on charges of murder. There has obviously been a loss of a life (or maybe two), and the only measure that has been taken by the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal is to ban arms at marriage functions.

Sanjay Goel, the owner of the double-barrel gun is a SAD leader, which in a way makes it easier for him to get his gun licensed. The licence is often approved for those who might have a threat and is meant for use only in critical times. Sadly, these leaders fail to realise that weddings do not actually equate to a time of threat.  Now we understand that their definition of ‘celebration’ is completely different from what the common man perceives. This makes it even more important for these ‘leaders’ to be more careful, not with their life but of the people around them.

Banning arms at weddings seems like the most convenient step the government could have taken. It is more important to ban the practice of celebratory firing. This might outrage a section of the society, but isn’t saving people from misfires a bit stronger issue at hand?

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