Amazon Buys Whole Foods and How to Spend Billions (Video)

My favorite thing about the tech industry: It’s always buzzing. Just recently, we had the Apple WWDC 2017, E3, and now Amazon.

Yes, Amazon is getting ready to purchase Whole Foods and no it’s not going to be cheap. This golden opportunity comes with a gigantic $13.7 billion price tag. Whole Foods is the famous American supermarket chain that stocks healthy food products.

Think expensive and pompous preservative-less food in upscale neighborhoods. Amazon has been trying to break into the food industry for a while and this break just might be what puts them on the map. The dwindling future of Whole Foods is already looking up.

Jeff Besos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive, has built his entire business model around risk. How will this bet play out? We’ll just need to take a back seat for now.

One thing is clear though, Amazon is absolutely looking to dominate the entire retail and shopping experience. Getting your groceries delivered from one of those cute drone thingies: now that’s something I can get behind.

Inspired by Amazon’s ambitious move, I went ahead and compiled a quick list of major deals to ever happen in the Silicon Valley.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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