In a shocking turn of events, the auditorium of Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad was burned down by the alleged protesters gathered to protest against the hostel washout ordered by the High Court.

End semester exams which were to be conducted today (April 29th) were postponed peacefully by voting.


Few weeks back, High Court of Allahabad ordered washout of the various hostels of Allahabad University by 17th of April. The Vice Chancellor and the authorities gave the students time till 2nd last week of May so that they can be done with their examinations.

For those of you who do not know what a washout is, let me throw a little LED on the subject. Hostel washout means to evict the people living in the hostel rooms at the end of an academic session and give new allotments at the beginning of the new academic session. This practice is followed in almost every private and public college/university.

Then what makes Allahabad University an exception to this rule?

The step of washout was taken in order to evict persons illegally occupying the hostel rooms. It is a very common practice here, in Allahabad University, to occupy the rooms even after your course is completed. People even give their hostel rooms on rent, which is, obviously, unlawful. People having actual jobs, who have long passed out from the University, live with not even a drop of condemnation.

Although the hostels are allotted on basis of merit, but influence and power plays a major role.

The Outrage

From the last 2-3 weeks peaceful protests and rallies were organised in order to bring the dissenting opinion in notice of the authorities. But just how clouds gather slowly before a cloud burst, the protests became everything but peaceful.

allahabad protests
Police deployed at the sight of protests. Image from TOI.

A few buses and cars were burned down by alleged students and hostelers because buses and cars are cheap and not theirs. There was alleged lathi charge also by the police authorities.

Bus Burned at Allahabad. Image from TOI.

The height of these protests reached a new low when the Auditorium of Faculty of Law was burned down. The protesters burned buses and cars in the day. No one knows what happened next. No one knows how and when the protesters barged inside the building in the dark of the night and burnt the Auditorium down, which was hardly 5 years old.

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This Infuriates Me 

Not only am I a student of this faculty but also a f*cking educated student pursuing a course in law. I never glorified my college and now I never will or can.

Two weeks back when I performed in this Auditorium, I did not know that it would meet its fate this soon and by this ugly route. It was not a magnificent or marvelous architecture. But it was ours.

Chandrashekhar Azad shot himself while fighting the unruly merely 3 kilometres from where the incident happened. We have failed our freedom fighters, our religion and especially our democracy.

One of the basic problems with Indian education system is accessibility. And those who have access to quality, or any, education seem to be the persons who abuse it the most.

I recently visited a village few weeks ago and was saddened to see the problems regarding education. They did not have proper infrastructure, leave behind the curriculum and staff. And here we had an okay sort of infrastructure (not gonna be an ignorant and say it was the bestest everrr!) which now stands blackened with soot.

We take access to education for granted.

According to Minister of Human Resource Development’s ranking in 2016, Allahabad University stood at 68th. This year it slipped down further to 95th position. And I don’t believe it will ever recover.

Once called the Oxford of the East, Allahabad University is now on its deathbed. RIP.

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