All You Need To Know About The New Pokemon GO For Mobile Phones

Anybody who thinks Pokemon is for kids is clearly mistaken. From Its debut in 1995 with the Pokemon blue version for Gameboy in 1995, it has had a fandom of almost all age groups.

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I’ve personally played a whole lot of Pokemon games, from Pokemon blue to Diamond. The gaming constantly evolved from Gameboy to Gameboy Advance to  Nintendo Ds.

Now, it is set to transcend to another level with augmented reality in Pokemon GO.

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To be launched on mobile phones worldwide soon (right now only officially launched in a few countries), it has also been distributed to numerous beta testers. The game involves people using their camera through the app to see Pokemon in the real world.

For example, there could be several Pokemon in your garden! The app tells you how close you are to the nearest Pokemon.

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The new release has left fans with multiple doubts as it has not been launched widely yet. Here are answers to some of your more prominent questions. (According to beta testers and official users)


1.How to log into the game?

There are two ways to log in, one is through a google account and the other through a Pokemon Trainer Club account which would provide you with added privileges.

2. Do you get a starter Pokemon?

Yes, you do. But you’ll have to catch even your starter as Professor Willow (you’ll know who he’s supposed to be if you know your Pokemon) will guide you through catching Pokemon. Don’t worry, this part couldn’t be easier.

3.Can you customize your trainer and name your Pokemon?

Yes, you can do both. Aside from the naming, customization has various skin tones, hair colours and outfits for you to choose. And you can name your Pokemon upon catching them but if you get it wrong you could always edit.

4. How do you catch Pokemon?

Catching them is a bit different in Pokemon GO. The battle isn’t between two Pokemon, but a Pokemon and your ability to swipe a Pokeball in their direction.

5. Does nature play a role?

Yes, Pokemon with an affinity to the surrounding can be found. For example, water-type Pokemon can be found near water while grass-type are attracted to grass. Also, at night you can catch ghost Pokemon like Gastly.

6. Does it have gym battles?

Yes, but you need to be at least a level 5 to be able to compete. The battles are one on one against another trainer’s team. The battles are decided on the basis of the combat power of your Pokemon which can be increased through items or by experience through battling wild Pokemon.

7. What about battling my friends or trading Pokemon with them?

Not currently offered, but the app is only just being launched. There are going to be a lot of upgrades as time passes.

Hopefully, a majority of your doubts have been cleared, and you’re even more eager to test it out for yourself. I definitely am!

Here’s the trailer:

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