All Hoax bomb Threats Are Naming Abdul Razzaq, Security Officials Don’t Know Who He Is

The Indian airport security official’s head is being teased by hoax calls across the nation’s airports after the Brussels terror attack had a mention about Abdul Razzaq’s name, triggering alarm and frantic searches.

Callers alerting about possible terror attacks by ISIS and other groups attribute the information to this supposedly Pakistani man but intelligence officials are clueless about him.

According to the officials none of the callers has been traced yet but they said Razzaq’s name was taken in four recent calls giving information about a possible attack at the Delhi airport.


The agencies admit that he may be a fictitious person, but are unwilling to take chances by not taking the calls seriously. Also, it is possible that one person is calling repeatedly using Razzaq’s name.

The cops find it difficult identifying these as these voice calls were made through Internet. Apart from Delhi, Chennai airport has also received a call which mentioned Abdul Razzaq as the person planning an attack.

 So, a man named Razzaq is either trolling the entire nation or else he is really powerful than Putin?

Soon after the Brussels attack, there was a call at the Jet Airways call centre in Delhi claiming bombs have been planted in five of its flights originating from the Capital. Information from media reports reveals that the caller said that he got information from Razzaq about the bomb. He also said there is another plan for Delhi. Later, the call was found to be hoax.

The passengers at IGI Airport panicked on 22nd March after the Jet Airways call centre received threats about bombs on five of its aircraft, hours after blasts ripped through Brussels airport killing over 30.  There was a major security scare at several airports in the country, including the Capital, following a phone call from the US that 11 aircraft of private carrier IndiGo could be in the danger of being blown up.


On 24th March security on Air India’s flights was stepped up after the airline’s Mumbai office received calls about presence of bombs on its planes. Recently, a five-star hotel in Delhi received a call about bomb threat to half-a-dozen flights. Later, the Bomb Threat Assessment Committee (BTAC) declared it a hoax.


The information from media reports reveal recently a call was made to a hotel in Paschim Vihar (West Delhi) on Sunday afternoon claiming that bombs have been planted on six flights, including one on a Jet Airways plane. Even he claimed that Razzaq was planning a terror attack and had planted bombs. The caller claimed that he owns a hotel in Dubai and heard that ISIS and other terror groups are planning attacks in Delhi. Additional armed personnel have been deployed at various airport locations. Many security personnel are guarding the airports in civil clothes, keeping a constant check on suspicious activities.

So, here’s a request from ED. If you’re aware or hear of someone named Abdul Razzaq who’s either trolling the nation or is seriously planning to blow up Indian Airport’s inform the nearest Police Station. Or else it’s a very bad pre April fool joke guys!


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