Adorable Birds And How They Sum Up Your Life Story

By Arpita Mahapatra

Yes, puppies are cute and so are kittens and whatnot. Here’s a news flash: birds are too – and believe it or not, the ‘looks’ on their ‘faces’ are totally relatable.

Here are some adorable birds that make you wonder if they are humans reincarnated who understand what you’ve been through.

1. When you think you’re not cute enough to be clicked with Varun Dhawan:


2. When someone asks you how you are and you have no idea what is going on with you:


3. When you’re travelling in the metro and everyone around you is just too freaking big: #TrueStory


 4. When your mum tells you what a good girl/boy you are:


 5. When someone asks what you plan to do with your life:


6. When you are getting a picture taken with your best friend:

images (1)

 7. When you are so high that you need a ride home:


 8. When you are the third wheel: *Sighs dramatically*


 9. When you pass an exam you didn’t think you would:

images (2)

 10. When you want to make up with bae:


 I’m waiting for the day they’ll find a replacement for that word.

For what it’s worth, I hope that you will now think of more than just fluffy little animals when you hear the word ‘cute’.

All pictures have been taken from Google Images.

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