According to AAP’s website,

“The AAP government successfully organized this year’s first Mega Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) in all 1041 Delhi government schools on September 1.”

The PTM meeting was attended by many parents all over Delhi and this was another milestone in AAP’s education reform.

This is what Manish Sisodia had to say,

“It is evident that the parent teacher engagement which the government aimed to institutionalise through Mega PTMs has been achieved. We are happy that this exercise, which used to be limited to big private schools, has now become an integral part of the culture of government schools. I congratulate all Principals and teachers for making this Mega PTM a success.”

Similar to last year, AAP’s door-to-door campaigns, text messages, and radio announcements for requesting parents to come out in large numbers was a huge success.

As noticed, the festive atmosphere was in its optimum display, with school gates decorated and groups of school children placed in the lobbies, to welcome their parents.

The sentiment has been best expressed in the words of Ramkishan, a rickshaw puller whose son studies in the school in Nand Nagri.

“We are unable to send our kids to expensive private schools and I am not educated enough to keep a check on my son’s activities and performance. This will help me in being updated about his weaknesses and positives.”

Through such PTMs, parents are also made aware of the various pro people initiatives of the govt for the people and how their children can benefit from such schemes like Chunauti 2018.

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Refund of Fees

In a slew of steps taken to cleanse the education system, Kejriwal had issued an ultimatum to 449 schools to refund the excess fee taken from parents within 2 weeks or the govt. would take over these schools. Within 10 days, many schools agreed to do the necessary and the remaining schools will probably follow the same route.

Other Initiatives

Dr. Manish Sisodia is at the helm of Education ministry and is ably assisted by Oxford Rhodes Scholar Atishi Marlena.

Manish Sisodia has initiated “SMC-Dialogue — meetings with school management committees. AAP Government has also decided to cut down syllabus by around 25% of classes 6 to 8 to lessen the burden and to make education comparatively more skill based.

Over 8,000 classrooms have been constructed for the upcoming season. Recruitment of over 10,000 teachers is in place to address the teacher- student ratio. The powers of principals to take administrative and financial decisions without heading to the education dept. for permission have been increased multifold times, too.

Other Parties Need To Take A Leaf Out Of AAP’s Book 

We might criticise AAP as much as we want and make fun of Kejriwal but when it comes to the education sector, its performance is commendable and praiseworthy. We just hope that the other political parties take a leaf out of AAP’S book.

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