Today morning, we came across Manak Singh’s public page where he had shared his very horrific instead at a traffic light and I thought that this is something that needs to be put down in a blog, quite literally, in public interest.

“Sharing this incident that took place on the Moolchand Traffic light..New Delhi


Last night 11/09 I was on my way home @9:30 p.m to Defence Colony.

My car was parked in the first row on the traffic light signal, where my door (driver side door) was facing this covered walkway. Just then this fat guy must be 5ft 6inches in height just opens my back door.

At first, am thinking the guy opened the door by mistake, and I question him. But the guy ignores me, and calmly comes and sits in my car and closes the door!

This is where all the stories one has been reading about and hearing about how one can get mugged at a traffic signal start circulating in my head, and I go into panic mode. I start yelling at this guy, hoping someone on this crowded road would check what’s going on, and initiate the process..

I don’t know how but managing to wiggle out of my seat belt to grab this guy. As most of you know am a tall guy, and I think it took this guy by surprise that instead of getting out of the car going all the way around to him, this is what I opted to do.

Before he could grab me I managed to grab his neck thanks to God’s gifted long arms, and we grappled for a few seconds, and I was able to open the door and push him out of my car. Lock all the doors and got away.

A few minutes later I realised how vulnerable I was and if this dude’s plan had worked to distract me and get me out of the driver’s seat. Anyone at that moment could have got into the driver’s seat and driven off with the car.

This fellow could have had a weapon and no matter how strong or big we think we are, I guess it’s not worth it.

When I read these similar stories I always assumed this can never happen to me.

Well, it did, and it can happen to anyone big, small, girl, boy, man or woman. We need to be alert while on the roads cause trust me no one comes to your help.

Please make it a point to have your car doors locked at all times while driving. I was able to over power the guy before I don’t know whatever his intent was. I don’t know for sure whether he was acting alone or not. But I hope no one has to go through this..

To all my friends, and family out there please be careful when on the road. Traffic related crimes is probably a new targeting area..and we must try and be prepared.

Be careful guys…”

This just goes to show that if you don’t take preventative measures, it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, a small 5 feet person or 6 feet, it doesn’t matter who you are, you are still vulnerable to such incidents.

One must take into consideration that if something like this can happen to a 6 feet, obviously muscled guy, then do not think that you can be an exception.

Manak Singh is the only keshdhari (does not cut or trim his hair) Sikh model for GQ in India.

You can find his original post here.

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