Taking A Reality Check on Art: The Kala Ghoda Festival At Its Peak, We LivED It!

By Drishya Subramaniam

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Artwork changes, and so does its viewers.

Art appreciation was very rare during the earlier times. And as they say, things change as time flies. But is it better or for the worse?

Art schools have come up and so has its promotion; this year’s Kala Ghoda festival at south Mumbai being the biggest example.



The Kala Ghoda fest has been conducted for the past 15 years where numerous hearts and hands have united in expression, and this year was no different.

With the installations breaking new grounds this season, Kala Ghoda Fest 2017 has definitely touched the hearts of many, and mine being one amongst them. Ranging from the flying horse to the spectacular wishing tree, this place encaptivated me with its creativity.


But was it the same for all?



Board a direct local train to CST and walk to the venue. Or even a taxi could do for those who like me are too lazy to walk in the sun.



Entering into the fest after the frisking, one has to heartily squeeze and wiggle through the crowd to see the installations. The statue of the black horse (a symbol of the Kala Ghoda) stood there loud and majestic at the entrance of the first venue. Mostly filled with the artworks inspired by horses the artists have most definitely used scraps to their fullest potential to make these amazing masterpieces.

‘Strings of creativity’ is what I would personally call this. The reflected light on this cubicle having an intertwined collection of string depicts the horses face.


‘From mother earth to life’, is the feeling one gets behind this one. The hanging charcoal under certain perspective brings out a horse amongst them.


The Pixelated Light made from paper.


The first-hand pottery classes: Trials and the works!!!


And one mustn’t forget the stalls to stop for a shop!


The food stalls are in plenty, there is no doubt that one would stop here for a quick bite to eat but yes, they are pricey and make up for the free entry one gets here.

As for the artworks by the kids from school, the stroke of creativity in them made me wonder why I wasted my school life struggling with equations and trying my best to bunk classes.


So yes, the viewers have increased and artworks attract the masses, but not everyone comes here to appreciate the art. That’s the hard truth.

A day out with friends for some, a reason to eat out for others. Yet another reason to look hip on social media or simply as an ideal place for selfies. There is more than one reason why this place is so popular among the youth who swarm about in numbers.

But has the art been forgotten amidst this chaos?



As a design student, the works were a feast for my eyes. Maybe it wasn’t the same for others but I must say as an outsider I understood that innovation and invention go hand in hand and that doesn’t need materials it needs an open heart and an open mind!



A visit to Mumbai and not visiting this amazing exhibition (conducted during February) would be a loss, whether you’re an artist or not. If you couldn’t catch it this time, don’t worry you bookmark your calendars for this spectacular rendezvous next year!



Furthermore, one can try to attend the events and workshops that happen there. Don’t forget to get a seat and have a meal at the Kala Ghoda café after being here, because a feast for your eyes and then for your stomach can give you a soul filling journey all in all!


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