A Garbage Bin Which Rewards You With Free WiFi

WiFi has become one of the most essential things of our lives. One can think living without food but not without WiFi. Gone are the days when WiFi and Internet were among the luxuries and only a handful possessed them. Today, we have it in every nook and corner!


Thanks to WiFi, Cafes, restaurants and even hotels have found a way to tempt you. Yes, they have started putting a ‘FREE WIFI’ sticker right on their main door! And believe it or not, whenever you’re booking a hotel, you always check their facilities tab just to check if they have free WiFi or not.


Even political parties in our country have understood the need of WiFi and how important it is to the citizens of India. That is the reason why during the election campaigns, ‘free WiFi for all’ was on the top of the bait list. And to everyone’s surprise, that party was even successful to lure us all!


After understanding and analysing the situation, two commerce graduates from Mumbai gave a unique solution which could help keep the country cleaner and at the same time reward the citizen with free WiFi.

Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal have come up with an innovative idea which will drop everyone’s jaws! They have developed a garbage bin that will reward you with free WiFi if you dump the trash into it. Yes, you heard it right – A WiFi TRASH BIN!

Since decades we have been seeing NGOs, Social activists, government working for the cleanliness of this country but sadly, nothing has really been very triumphant. An experiment like this brings in a fresh hope to the society that may be this novelty will finally bring a change in the society and the people.


This bin would encourage people to dispose off garbage into the bins.

How it works – 

When someone deposits trash, the ‘WiFi Trash Bin’ will flash a unique code, which can be used to gain access to free WiFi. Sounds so cool!


Developing countries like India where campaigns, movements and drives are never successful in making a change in people’s attitudes surely needed something like this so all we can do is really hope that this super innovative garbage bin comes in our neighbourhoods soon!

Pratik and Raj got the idea of this Wifi Trash Bin while they were visiting the NH7 Weekender Music Festival.

This experiment with support from operator MTS proved to be an enormous success at the various Weekender Festivals held in Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi but is not operative at the moment. However, the founders say they have received queries from GAIL and talks are in due process. Well, we surely can’t wait to have this innovation in our neighbourhoods!

The duo wishes to set up a network of WiFi bins which will bring a behavioural change among the citizens.

A WiFi Trash Bin will surely bring about change in our surroundings because rewarding people with something they adore so much always turns out to be great!


So now, don’t just dump waste, get rewarded too! What else could one wish for?

Image Credits – Google Images and Tumblr


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