There seems to be a wrong kind of modernism going on these days, where anything that is related to or resembling the olden ways is considered regressive.

One of the biggest examples of this would be the current trend, especially among women, to wear as revealing clothes as possible, all as a sign of how progressive one is.

While there is definitely nothing wrong with a girl wearing revealing clothing, and surely it does show progression of the society from a time when women were taught about modesty and all, the actual problem comes in when a girl is mocked for choosing to wear covered clothing.

The problem comes in when a girl opts for more modest clothing and that is taken as her being regressive and not modern enough.

There are several instances that I have observed around me that seem to belay that mindset, that just because a person is not adhering to the recent trends and chooses more olden ones, then instantly they are taken as not progressive and someone who is behind times.

#1. You Should Wear Clothes To Impress Boys

Something that I have had the displeasure of hearing from friends and even acquaintances is to wear more ‘sexier or alluring clothing’ in order to impress boys.

It was more common during my school days and even for some part of my college life when a friend would generally tell me to change my usual style of clothing to something that was more stylish aka revealing to look attractive for boys.

And this is not just something that’s happened to me, I have heard various accounts from other females around me who have heard something similar said to them.

#2. You Have Such A Nice Figure, You Should Show It

After that boys thing doesn’t work, usually a psychological angle will be taken up with the other person compliment on your figure.

A friend recently shared a few instances of how her group of friends had retorted to this tactic and using a subtle manipulation, by saying she had a good figure and should not feel the need to hide it.

Here also comes a dose of feminism where they try to implore to the modern woman in you and ask why you hiding your body, let it be free, we live in the modern times.

#3. Boys Who Wear Old Hairstyles Are Considered Pappu

Again, more of an observation than anything, but I’m sure no one can deny this that there is an instant judgement if you see a guy with an olden hairstyle, like slicked back hair or wearing oil in their hair.

One would think that guys would be exempt from such things but these prejudices show even they are not spared.

Words like ‘pappu’, ‘nerd’, and more are commonly used for a guy who chooses to wear their hair in a more traditional way.

#4. Don’t Button Your Shirt Till The Top

An acquaintance recently told me of how they would often ask their brother to not keep the top button of their shirt closed or make them open it if they did.

They’d also tell them to roll up their sleeves and leave a bit of their collar open in order to look hip and trendy.

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The Keyword Is Choice

To be honest, one can think for a second that all these statements are coming from a good place where the other person just wants the main one to look good and not be seen as stiff by the rest.

And while these quips might be coming from a place of good intentions, one should remember that overuse of them or incessant nagging can create a complex for the person in question.

Seeing how we are in modern times now, isn’t the focus on choice instead of following the trends?

Isn’t the entire point of all this progress to give us all the choice of wearing whatever we want, donning whatever hairstyle we want and essentially being free of bias.

The keyword here being choice and how that is more important than anything, that includes both choosing to wear revealing clothes and choosing to wear covered clothes. It includes wearing a stylish shirt and wearing one with all the buttons closed and the sleeves closed up.

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Source: eWellness Expert, Bustle 

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