By Mayank Dixit

12 am

A single, lonely, handsome man travelling from his office in Gurgaon to his home in Greater Noida. Travelling by an auto. The auto driver, a female in her 40s. Totally drunk and a complete sleazeball. She regularly passes lewd comments at the boy which he ignores. Suddenly 4 women barge into the auto. Take the man hostage. And before you know it, they rape him and then murder him brutally. A bright young man’s future gone down the drain. But it was the fault of the guy only.

What is the need to travel all alone. So late. Maybe he shouldn’t have been wearing that appealing tuxedo with the crisp black tie. Maybe he invited the rapists. Maybe he enjoyed the act.

9 am

Mohan wakes up late. His wife Shanti has to go to the nearby construction site for work. The breakfast isn’t prepared. Shanti is getting really restless. Mohan is working full speed. Feeding their 3 months old baby, getting his daughter ready for school while his 2 sons just sit there idly looking at their sister’s uniform with a rare wanderlust. Shanti is 5 minutes late. Her patience gives way to such an acute burst of anger. She barges into the kitchen and hits Mohan continuously with whatever she gets her hand on. 20 ‘brutal beating’ minutes later, Shanti goes to work. All angry. Abusing Mohan.

Mohan is lying in a pool of blood. He has a swollen jaw. Swollen eye, 4 broken ribs and unmarked injuries all over his body. His body betrays the canvas of even the most horrible painters. He still gets up. Does all the chores. Sends his daughter to school. What a great man spirit he has shown. We as a society are proud of Mohan. Even more proud of Shanti.

if men were treated like women

2 pm

A shady clinic in upmarket South Delhi. A man’s faint cries can be heard in the distance. He is being examined. 7 months pregnancy is a critical state. The doctors take some tests. They come out and go straight to a balding woman and her mother or amma, “We are sorry.” It’s a boy. Both of them sit down with a heavy heart.

Amma somehow manages to stand again, “We don’t want the boy. How will our lineage proceed further. A girl is the ghar ka chirag. Abort the boy, we don’t want it.”

“But this is the third abortion amma. Till when we will keep on doing this”, the wife is somewhat worried.

“Don’t worry beta. As soon as your husband drops a girl into my lap, this will end.”

The doctors go back to abort the boy, the unborn baby. He could have been a good son, good lover good husband, a great human being. But its all okay till you don’t get a girl.


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8 pm

Ravi just came back from his office. As soon as he enters, his mom tells him to get ready. There are some people there to see him, to seek his hand in marriage. Mom tells him to apply some cream and wear the crisp navy blue shirt. She then takes him along to the kitchen to prepare some tea and snacks for the guests. Finally everything is ready.

if men were treated like women

Both the families are having a great conversation till the time the girl’s family doesn’t demand dowry. They price Ravi at Rs. 50 lakhs. Market rate is 30 lakhs but extra 10 lakhs for Ravi being a little dusky and the other extra 10 lakhs for Ravi earning more than the girl. Now what should Ravi do?

He is already 27. Too old for good, prospective brides.

Should he swallow his pride and marry the girl.

Or should he rebel.

What should he do?

Who knows what he’ll do.

This is how one day unfolds for four different men in a matriarchal world. Do we actually relate to these parallel universe problems?

No I don’t think we do.

Because our men are totally happy and safe here. But what about about the women then?

Yeah umm, nobody cares about that. Why should we. They don’t have any actual problems similar on the lines of the above problems.

Let them be the weaker sex.

And till that time, we shall worship our “Gau mata and Bharat mata.”

Image credits: Mensxp, Google, Tumblr

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