Ever Wonder What Are The 99 Types Of Dosa? ED Tells…

By Richa Sharma

Bangalore has been blessed with many awesome places like Vidyarthi Bhavan, MTR and UD for dosas. But among these competitors, “99 Variety Dosa” chain of dosa joints have been serving foodies with distinct 99 types of dosa across Bangalore at various places. It was started by Prakash and his wife Padma Prakash. The eatery operates from a cart fixed on an auto!

The fascinating new look given to autos by them is not the only thing. The dosas are cooked on coal angithis. The dosas are made right in front of you so you can inspect the hygiene part by yourself and they would definitely not disappoint you.

This chain of dosa joints has not only attracted foodies, but also inspired Rashmi Bansal, a renowned writer, to feature them in her book: Connect the Dots. The menu card has 99 items bringing out innovation at its best.

Here are some innovative combinations they have which not everybody would think of:

Varieties in the regular plain dosa


Even the “plain” dosa isn’t plain anymore!

Mysore Masala Specialities

mysore masala

Things Mysore Dosa discoverer wouldn’t have even thought of!

Single Toppings

single item

If fancy doesn’t fancy you, they have the single items too!

Paneer Specialities

paneer masala

The jagat favourite PANEER is used as a topping to attract maximum customers; marketing experts without an MBA.

Mixed Vegetable Specialties

mix masala

Being considerate enough, they have varied option for the diet conscious ones.

Pav Bhaji Combinations

pav bhaji masla

The favourite street food, Pav Bhaji’s bhaji is used as a stuffing; they know exactly how to tempt customers.

Chinese Filling


Chinese stuffing includes varieties of noodles, spring roll, schezwan sauce combinations adjusting the spiciness according to one’s taste buds.

Chinese Dosas

chinese masala

They know there are people who need “thoda aur theekha”, hence Chinese varieties.

Cheese in Dosa

cheese masala

Cheese when used with anything and everything makes it tasty, even dosa – they proved it.

Corn Items


sweet corn

They have taken inspiration from almost everywhere – Makke ki roti inspires makke ka dosa!

Mushroom Items

mushroom masala

They have options for the Monster Mushroom with different masalas.

Palak Specialities


They aim to serve everybody, even the South Indian Popeyes!

Tempted much? The chain of “99 variety dosa” has been spread across Bangalore, Koramangla being the best among all. Don’t wait! Go! Hog them all!

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