9 Saree Trends Every Woman Needs To Know For 2017

As Indian women, we all have a special corner reserved in our hearts for the saree. How we looked on with awe when our mothers and grandmothers draped a saree. While we watched enthralled, none of us could ever imagine doing that!

Perhaps, having accomplished the mighty task of actually carrying off a sari contributes to our attachment to it.

Designers have converted this classic drape into a modern piece of attire which is a must-have for all occasions. While most Indian festivities dictate a traditional code of attire, the sari is open to different interpretations.

Perhaps this is why every woman needs to know the latest saree trends this year. 

Get ready for 9 yards of awesomeness!

1. The Lehenga Saree

Lehenga saree trends


An interesting spin on the North Indian ghagra choli and the South Indian half saree, lehenga sarees are an absolute favourite this season. The simple concept of replacing the petticoat with a gorgeously embroidered lehenga and draping the dupatta to mimic the folds of a saree pallu is absolute genius! So if you are one of those, who just can’t get your head around the twists and turns of the sari, opt for the lehenga saree. And if you want the perfect lehenga saree, head to Craftsvilla.com.

They offer one of the best collections from vendors across the country.

2. The Half and Half Saree

half and half saree trends

Though blocks are the flavour of the season, some of us may want to add another colour to our attire. This is when the half and half saree comes handy. Using two solid colours, one at the pallu and one at the pleats, beginning at the waist, this creates a wonderful eye-catching combination. Another interesting point is that it can be used to create interesting silhouettes to enhance your curves, while hiding your problem areas.

For example, if you are heavier at the bottom (a classic pear-shaped body), a darker shade at the waist works well to accentuate the curve of your hips and thighs.

3. Sarees and Jackets

jacket saree trends

This whacky combination is actually taking off faster than you could ever imagine. This Indo-western combination works great for the slight nip in the weather.  This can be paired with almost any kind of saree and adds that extra bit of bling that you are looking for any festival. Pick out embroidered or hand-woven jackets with ethnic work to bring out the best in your attire. At Craftsvilla, the saree and jacket combination is selling out on popular demand. Kutch work jackets are preferred over anything else and they look absolutely stunning.

4. Saree Gown

saree gown trends

Essentially a pre-stitched saree, the saree gown is a designer-favourite. While the cut is that of a long flowy gown, the incorporation of a long scarf or dupatta like structure across the the chest gives it the look of a saree. The incorporation of a sleek belt across the waist frequently enhances the hip while giving it a more ethnic look. This works best with silky, flowy material that gives a natural sway to the attire. Team this look with soft curls and minimal jewellery to let the outfit shine.

If you are shopping online, then craftsvilla.com is the place to be. It has an amazing collection of saree gowns that will sort you out for occasion.

5. Handloom Weaves

banarasi-handloom-sarees trends

With our country being the motherland of the most interesting handloom weaves, it would be almost criminal not to flaunt a handloom saree. With focus being back on the cottage industries of our country, some of the best craftsmen have been employed by major retailers like Craftsvilla to produce breath-taking unique pieces.

Classy and elegant, handloom sarees exuberate an intrinsic beauty which is unparalleled. Pair up this look with vintage pieces for the best effect.

6. Backless or Saree Blouses with Interesting Detailing

saree trends blouses

Blouses can make or break a sari. Every girl will agree with me on this one and therefore it is truly justified that a considerable amount of time is dedicated to designing the blouse. While you might be used to a certain cut, it is always good to experiment with new styles. If you have been working out this season, the backless blouse is your best bet to show off the results of your hard work.

Pairing up a plain saree with a blouse that has extensive back detailing is a trend that’s in vogue now. Cloth buttons running out the length of your back mimic the look of a tee shirt and looks very interesting. You can also incorporate lace and net detailing as it never fails to hit the mark.

7. Digital Prints

Digital print saree trends

The diametric opposite of handloom weaves is digital prints. These quirky sarees come in a variety of prints ranging from pretty floral designs to fancy animal prints. You can opt for a sketch of your favourite skyline on your saree or prints of your favourite passage or poem. At Craftsvilla.com, one can find a huge range of sarees with beautiful digital prints.

Modern and chic, digital prints can be worn for casual as well as formal occasions to create an impression. How cool will it be if you walk in a saree designed with digital coding prints?

8. Floral Prints

floral print saree trends

Florals never go out of style. These petite patterns never fail to brighten up the mood. Floral prints work best on sarees and you can get them done in combinations of your favourite bloom. Gujarati, Kashmiri and Parsi floral embroidery is intricately beautiful and works great with chiffon and georgette sarees. You can go the whole mile and accessorise yourself with a real rose or orchid in the hair and leave it at that. Au naturale!

9. Dual Toned Sarees

dual toned saree trends

An extension of the half and half sarees, someone hit the jackpot with this one. You might think it’s green, but just turn around and you’ll be draped in turquoise! Magic?

Nah, just dual toned sarees. These sarees are woven with two coloured threads that cause one colour to stand out when the light falls on it. The difference in refraction of different colours produces an interesting and almost trippy effect. Sometimes the dual toning might not be very subtle, but works every time simply because we love colours!


So ladies, this treasure trove of sarees is just a click away at Craftsvilla.com. Log on and shop your way to gorgeousness.

Image credits: Google images, Craftsvilla, Fashion Lady, Big Fat Asian Wedding, G3 Fashion, Pinterest, Indian Wedding Saree

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