8 Situations In Life When ‘Hakuna Matata’ Can Be Used To Solve The Problem (in some way atleast)

If you have clicked on this link it is either because of your intense- and- bordering- on- obsessive fascination with all things Lion King, Disney’s greatest movie ever, or it’s the long lost nostalgia for a favourite childhood film.

Whatever it might be, you know that Lion King as the ability, to make you smile, sob like a baby, and just have goosebumps all over at certain scenes. Even after 21 years, this movie is still heralded among the best movies made by Disney ever and no other movie has taken its spot. Some have come close, but never beat it.

Now, the movie is also known for its amazing soundtrack, but the one song that has stuck with me is ‘Hakuna Matata’.

That is what made me realize that ‘Hakuna Matata’ has the power to solve many a life’s problems or if not solve, then at least it will bring the anxiety level down a notch.

So here are a few situations  in where ‘Hakuna Matata’ can be used perfectly:

  1. The Time Before Results Come Out:

Yes, this time period probably has driven many a students on the brink of crazy. So, what to do, just pop in your earphones, turn this song on and just let it wash all over you.



  1. You Are Unhappy:

Yup, if depressed then just have a good old sing-along with this song and it will just wash away your depressed feelings and bring a big old smile on your face.

  1. When Interacting With Kids:

Kids are scary, that is a fact, but that doesn’t mean one will never encounter them, so if in a situation when you are with kids, then just start singing this, if they are the slightest bit intelligent they will join you. Either ways, you will have fun. And perhaps teach them a thing or two.

  1. If Poor:

Well, this song might not solve those financial troubles, but it will give one a burst of new strength to go out and do something new.

  1. To Cheer Up A Friend:

Nothing works like making a fool of yourself and getting your friend o do so with this awesome number. You know the words, your friends knows the words. So, get them up and make them sing it with you. They will forget about all their troubles.

  1. If You Get Rejected:

It doesn’t matter where you get rejected, by a date, a job, or anything for that matter. The magic of this song is so powerful, that it will just make your dejected feelings disappear.

  1. Messy House:

This situation is a total cope out. You get terrified seeing all the mess around, start to  wonder how you ever lived so long and never realized this much mess was around and that just gives you the heebie- jeebies. So what’s one to do in this situation, yup, pick up the phone, turn up the volume and start this song, and start to sing.

  1. You Just Want to Sing:

You never really need a situation to sing this freaking awesome song. Whenever you feel like just start singing, and remember to do the dialogues too. Its not proper if you don’t.

So, this was my take on how one can use ‘Hakuna Matata’ the song in some everyday situations.

What is yours, leave it in the comments section.


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