6 Things You Go Through While Watching Movie In A Theatre



There is something remarkable about watching a movie in a theatre. You get all those sweet and wispy anticipations in the beginning and then as soon as the movie starts you get hooked up.

The darkness that surrounds you and the background sound makes you think that you are at the centre of all drama happening in there. As long as you are not in the front seats or beside a pedantic group of movieholics, you are good to go.

Here’s a listicle (because reading long blogs these days is way too mainstream) about the Things You’ll Go Through While Watching A Movie In A Theatre:

  • Eerie Opening Credits


Whether it is the 21st Fox Century logo with its large flood lights or the Warner Bros shield-shaped logo, it insinuates mystery and makes you ready for the movie. Remember the Warner Bros logo in Harry Potter movies? It still gives me thrills.

  • Amidst the Movie

I don’t know whether it is the heavily discounted ticket or the kid’s stupid whim. Because somewhere in the theatre there will be some cute devilish kid, who is waiting to cry just as the main scene of the movie comes up. There is also a group of self –proclaimed KRKs, who will go beyond their capability of transcription. They will regurgitate every scene beforehand. These 2-rupees people should burn in hell.

  • Intermission

This is the most unnecessary element in the whole idea of watching a movie. First of all, the prices at which the theatres offer food to you are so goddamn high. Even the guy that takes the order is standing behind the counter withholding his utmost desire to say- Ready to sell your kidney?

And to the ones who are stupid enough to buy those things- I hate you and I’ll obliterate all of you, the next time you dare to walk pass me, with your idiotic, dear chicken popcorns wafting out their smell.

  • Fin


The end of a film is exhausting. Your emotional level goes through many high and low stages. But one thing is more irritating when people starts exiting just before the end of the movie.

They’ll not wait for the conclusion (maybe because of their self-righteous nature), forget about the post-credit scenes that you see in Marvel movies.

  • Just-after Effects

The first thing you’ll feel is the absence of A.C. Then there will be an obligatory question checking the level of your likeness of the movie to others.

As soon as you go outside the complex, after being inside for two and a half hours of the clean and ideal world of the movie, you”ll come into a real world where you’ll start noticing cows, dogs, litters in the streets who before were invisible to you as of course, you are an Indian who is familiar with these things and sees them as a part of the general public.

  • After Effects

 For a few days, you’ll be under a movie hangover: a state in which your actions are deeply influenced by the beliefs or dialogues or actions of your favourite character. And if the movie was didactic then this hangover will last long, long enough to destroy your train of thoughts.


Next time you go for a movie, do observe and check whether I’m right or you are wrong. ;)

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