ED At ‘The Special Chef’s Table by PizzaExpress’ To Celebrate Their 50 Years

Out of all the many cuisines I have ever tasted I have to say, that Italian is one of my favorite ones.  The smell of ripe tomatoes, meat, and fresh vegetables and that smell of olives, and that typical sauce which can be had with anything, smell of fresh pasta, bread or pizza. It’s like you get transported to a small little kitchen in Italy, with the mother making a family secret sauce and that smell. Ohh…it’s to die for.

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The reason I am talking about Italian food is because I recently attended PizzaExpress’ bloggers’ night at a special chef’s table ‘Pizziaolio’s Favourite’ in celebration of their 50 years as a restaurant.

But first, a little about PizzaExpress for the people who are probably reading this with a confused expression. PizzaExress is a world renowned casual dining and consumer brand founded by Peter Boizot on Wardour Street in 1965, it is known for their iconic black and white stripe and their popular Romana base.

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The event was well organised with Chef Rahul giving careful and educational tips about everything pizza, their upcoming new menu and their preparation services. He also gave a demonstration on how to make 2 pizzas from their new menu and then allowed us to give it a shot ourselves. It was exhilarating to be honest.

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After which, we had some snacks and even got to take a bite from our own creations, not to brag or anything, but it was yummy. We were also told the significance of these tongue twisting names and their correct pronunciation. I felt very hoity- toity after that.

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The evening concluded on a sweet note, with a slice of cheesecake and vanilla gelato and mascarpone on the side.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I intend to visit their establishment again pretty soon.


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