SexED: 5 Different Types Of Condoms You Didn’t Know Existed!

India is the land of kama sutra, yet all we know about condoms is, that they are of two types: flavored and nonflavored.

Besides these, there are types of condoms you didn’t know they existed.

Read on to test your general knowledge and see the types of condoms that existed and you were totally unaware of!

1. Ribbed Condoms: Ribbed condoms are designed with elevated ridges on the outer surface, such that the person wearing the condom feels no different. On the flip side, these ridges can be felt by the female partner and help in greater friction and pleasure for both. Every brand strategically places these ridges (or elevated structures) in a way to maximize the advantage of these.


2. Neon Condoms: As the name suggests, they glow in dark! Also known as Phosphorescent condoms, these are coolest unknown condoms that exist, which will make sure you don’t get lost in the dark! These fluorescent condoms are a real thing that not just glow in the dark, but also add excitement and fun to your sex life. They for sure, IGNITE your ‘night.’large

3. Rapex Condoms: Rapex are the anti-rape condoms that are native to South Africa. These are designed with teeth on the inside. These teeth allow penetration, but they bite like a dog when the penis is pulled out. It causes enough pain to give the woman a chance to escape. Sources have claimed that these condoms have to be surgically removed in a hospital and hence can help to get a step closer to catching the rapist.


4. Dotted Condoms: Dotted condoms are yet another types of textured condoms. Ribbed and dotted condoms share the same family. Dotted condoms similar to ribbed ones have dots that are placed on the outside to help the members go easy and yet enjoy with delight due to the extra friction and the extra stimulation that it causes.


5. Condometric Condoms: The truth about. ‘how long is it’ is out now, owing it all to the Condometric condoms in the market! These condoms come with a measuring scale printed, to let the men show off the ‘size.’ It is time ladies accepted the truth. If not, Condometric condoms are here, to help the real scenario escalate easily!


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