5 Things That Make You An Organised Person (Read: OCD Hit)

The constant tug-of-war between those who are “neat and tidy” and those who are “practically living in a jungle” becomes unpleasant for both the parties. And if you are on the cleaner side of the house, then there are a lot of things you may wish to fiddle around with, because, well, living with an untidy person is not an easy thing to do. There are always chances of finding a stinking sock under the bed mattress one day.

If you are in the habit of doing any of the things mentioned below, then you’ll know you are one of the special ones who want things to remain in a particular order, come what may.

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  • The overwhelming need to tidy up someone else’s room/table/wardrobe

Once you’re done re-tidying your own room, you go over to someone else’s and rearrange everything according to your taste, which, sadly, isn’t always appreciated.

  •  An incorrigible hoarder

You CANNOT decide what you want to get rid of, because you might just need it in the future – no matter how distant that future need may be. And stacking them neatly in a pile or storing it in a separate room is the best way to dispose it off temporarily.

  • Lack of symmetry

You lose your mind if the arrangements aren’t made according to colour, shape, size, need, or frequency of use. You need to maintain a firm control over your wardrobe/cupboard/table, at all costs.

  • Being extra-extra-extra cautious

Locking all the doors. Coming back to check on all the locked doors, unlocking them and relocking them.

And this is just one of the things that you indulge in. Must not forget about the jar bottle-cap, or the flower arrangement. Or the way the clothes have to be folded. Or how books need to be kept according to its thickness and height.

  • Cleanliness jokes/pranks are lost on you

Forget about jokes – you will give us one your classic glares from over the glass. Pranks are what annoy the living daylights out of you. Hiding something important is like fighting death because then you will have to fumble over your neatly arranged belongings, mess things up, discover who hid it and where, and take double the time and energy to tidy stuff up again.


Even though these things are not part of your definition of having ‘fun’, it is liable to be deemed as funny for those who are not as particular about things as you are. So let’s get a funny bone sometimes. :p


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