5 Things I Got From The Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Trailer

Alright alright, I know that such listicles are as entertaining as they can be stupid.

To be honest, compiling such a list, does not take more than a couple of minutes, max to max an hour, if one wants to give a well researched and good list.

But I was compelled to write it down, as the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil trailer has come out.

This movie has been making waves ever since it’s casting was announced, and the teaser along with the 2 songs it has released, have kept that flame alive.

That is why, as reluctantly as I could, I too was waiting for the trailer of this movie, although I did not have that high hopes for it in the first place.


And after watching the trailer, I started to contemplate the making of trailers, even more what exactly makes a trailer click.

After doing so, I found that this trailer settled into the many clichés of Bollywood romances, and here I list the 5 things I got from watching this trailer:

  1. Flashing Scenes Are Uber Important:

Yup, perhaps the one thing consistent of such films is that one can always find various flashing cuts of scenes put together, all to an energetic soundtrack.

This trailer was not bereft of it, and sigh, just another trick in order to hide the actual true story of the film.


2. Walking and Running:

Another thing I learned from this trailer was that there just has to be a couple of shots of the main characters just walking down lanes in exotic places or running.


3. The Shame Shame Scenes:

In order to be more progressive and all, nowadays there are almost always a few sex or kissing scenes in the trailers.

Also, the token middle finger gesture.

You could see it as a gesture towards the audience that the people behind the film are giving.


4. Another Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna:

This I stand by, and no I am not exactly talking of the story or the characters. The story might be different, but I noticed a lot of similarities between the two movies have been made.


5. This Movie Is No Different:

My reaction was watching the entire trailer was just of boredom. I admit, that a trailer does not necessarily have to reflect how a film will actually be.

But from what little I have seen, cannot say that I am much impressed.


So, these were my thoughts on this trailer. Let us know what you thought of it, in the comments section.

Image Credits: Google Images

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