5 reasons why NOT to get into the fashion industry


The end product that a fashion designer comes out with is outstanding, but sometimes is it really worth breaking your back and losing your sanity for something that your not even getting to keep for yourself..?

1- Fashion designing has over the past 8-10 yrs become an extremely competitive field and it takes new designers almost 4-5yrs to make a mark and start making profits, out which which some give up in the first yr or two itself since its hard to ‘break even’ also. Its a constant challenge to keep oneself in the limelight and promoting their label to keep their current clientele in place as well as attract new buyers.

2- To make your fashion house take off initially one requires a tremendous amount of financial backing. Fortunate for some, this is not an issue but maybe for many they have a dream, but not the pocket to support that dream. Unless one is really dedicated to the work and is willing to take a risk of investing, its the easiest way of losing out huge amounts of money.

3- There is nothing like fixed timings of work. Its not a 9-5 job where you work during certain hours and can happily relax and enjoy after. Work has to be followed up 24/7 whether it after work hours or during weekends or even while you’re at a party! There’s a lot of work pressure which is not time restricted and even though the work is fun, sometimes the stress builds up to a point you might have a break-down since taking time out and going for vacations are totally off the cards.

4- Its a mad house dealing with tailors, masters, karigars, etc etc. One can either be polite or shout their lungs out to make them do things your way at your pace but…like they say “you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink it”.
If I had my way, I would say “screw this horse, I’ll ride another one” but things don’t work this way in the real world. You have to make them work and that really drains a lot of energy out you.

5- Everything is about “The Client”. What the client wants, How the client wants, When the client wants. To make sure the goddamn client is happy and satisfied with your pieces , you have to go through a lot of harsh criticism and hard work after many sleepless nights. And all this for what? Money and Fame. Is it really that important?

“You’ve crossed the finish line
Won the race but lost your mind
Was it worth it after all”
If you think it is and you’re ready to take on the challenges with an unbridled drive to breakout in the fashion industry, then go for it…you might just enjoy the stress (sarcasm not intended) !


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