5 High-End Products to Splurge On and Never Regret Later

Every now and then, one thing comes across which makes our jaws drop and it instantly makes an entry into our wish lists. We all want to spend extravagantly on a few things but at the same time we are afraid that what if one day it’s no more in vogue? And that’s probably the only con with fashion – It changes overnight!

However, there are a few things that never go out of fashion. They have been here since a long time and believe it or not, they are here to stay!

Well, nobody wants to be in that plight where you splurge on something and then later, regret it.

So we thought of making your lives easier by giving you a list of 5 such thing which can never ever go out of fashion.

So here are the 5 things on which you can lavishly spend and never rue later on because these beauties are always going to be à la mode, I promise!

1)A Gorgeous Pair of Louboutins –

Well, if you want to spend a generous amount of money on footwear, then this is the brand for you! It can instantly make all jaws drop and has the power to blow all minds. If you go for these, you are not only paying for the most popular brand in shoes but also for extremely high-quality shoes. Also, being a girl who adores fashion, I know that these red-soled beauties will never go out of fashion!
Also, these have created a statement which is simply irreplaceable.
giphy2) The Hermes Birkin

Now, if you are a bag lover, then trust me or not, this is the ultimate piece!
From the look to the price – love it or hate it, the bag is surely an attention grabber. This is fashion’s ultimate style symbol and has a very special place in the fashion industry. It is owned by a lot of celebrities out there – be it Hollywood or Bollywood!
And yes, not to forget about the waiting list to own this bag! Pretty much proves that this epitome of beauty is to die for and it is one thing that will never ever let you down!



3)Vertu Mobiles –

Although the buzz these days is about the gorgeous i-Phone, but this technological piece of luxury can give you sleepless nights! It starts from a very high price. Now most of us are unaware about this piece of luxury!
Want to know what’s special? The lucrative screen of this phone is made up of ultra-thin sapphire crystal that takes fifteen days to create. This phone is diamond studded and the keys are made up of sapphire.
Also, the keypad of this phone contains about 5 carats of ruby.



4)A tiffany Bracelet or Ring-

Most of the girls out there love jewellery. I personally love bracelets.
When it comes to jewellery, owning something from Tiffany&co. is an ultimate dream for all girls out there.
Few things can never make you regret why you bought it. Tiffany is surely one of them!
Whether you’re proposing your girl or just buying her a bracelet, nothing can make her happier than Tiffany. Trust me on that!


5) Baume et Mercier –

These swiss luxury watches are impeccably made timepieces. Baume et Mercier is one of the most expensive brands of watches.
From the appealing designs to the wide range, this brand will never leave you heartbroken. It’s true that you need to spend a lot more than a lot, but it’s going to be worth every rupee you spend on it!
Moreover, B&M have a wide variety to choose from.
As an admirer of watches, A B&M watch is without any doubt on the top of my wish list!
Classy, elegant & totally worth it ;)



It’s true that these things listed above can burn not just one hole but many holes in your pocket, but it’s going to be worth each buck you spend!

Well, now I am actually yearning for all of these. However, we can only wish that these things weren’t so exorbitant ;)


Photo Credits – Google Images and giphy.com


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