5 Folk Music Artists I am Loving Right Now. Come Listen In

I am a big music fan. And that is pretty evident by my many posts about music. So, of course I have arrived again to talk about a genre that I have recently started to love. That is folk music.

Yes, recently I discovered this genre and have realized that I absolutely love it.

And since I am forever looking for new or unknown artists I was extremely lucky to come across these wonderful artists. There is just something about folk music, the depth in it, you can feel like you are a part of that place in reality.

So here are 5 folk artists that I am completely head over heels for and would listen practically anything from them.

So here it goes:

  1. Kate Rusby:

My love for this woman is eternal. I have listened on repeat to her songs for quite some time now. I first came across her when I heard her song ‘I am stretched out on your grave’ and just… that was it for me guys. Please listen to it. Then I heard her rendition of the Scottish classic ‘ Blooming Heather/ Wild Mountain Thyme and just wow. Do listen to her.

  1. The Corries:

They are a Scottish folk band active in the 1960s. again I heard their cover of the Wild Mountain Thyme, you all can probably guess it’s a favourite of mine. And just, that lilt in their words, that accent just bowled me over. Do give a listen to their song ‘ Flowers of Scotland’ ….just wonderful.

  1. Sarah Calderwood:

She is an Australian singer- songwriter that has the ability to somehow combine classical music with contemporary folk music. Just listen to any song of her, it is just so wonderful. This woman is talented guys.

  1. Bob Dylan:

Ok, I know he is a famous personality and not really that unknown. But this list would be incomplete without him. I don’t think I need to give any recommendations for him. Just pick any and sit back and let it wash over you.

  1. Odetta:

This singer…wow man. This woman when she sings, you can just listen. Her voice is so captivating. She was also referred to as the ” The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement”.


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