In the recent times, there has been a lot of flak received by Delhi University owing to their poor infrastructure and the bad state of colleges in general.

The low rankings that many DU colleges got in the recent evaluation put bad infrastructure as a prime reason for not making the cut.

That and the recent accident involving Daulat Ram College where the roof itself collapsed and thus created an actual need for the improvement has also prompted other DU colleges to make similar changes.

So as application time is coming, you might want to know of these 5 DU colleges that have made changes to their infrastructure:

1. Daulat Ram College:

As mentioned above, Daulat Ram College saw a number of incidents owing to poor infrastructure just last year.

Seeing as the building is at least a decade old, it was no wonder that the roof collapsed in the college. This was the push needed for the college authorities to finally gather together funds to renovate the building.

Now, although work is still going on in some parts of the college, some parts have returned to working order with advanced and hi-tech science labs and smart classes.

And it is not just the building where the roof collapsed, but also changes have been made to the canteen which has now an auditorium, while the canteen is outside and also classroom have new chairs and desks, smart boards with projectors and of course a more durable roof.

2. Ram Lal Anand College:

Ram Lal Anand college though not very well known has also joined the bandwagon of colleges making renovations and along with an elevator for disabled students it has also worked on creating a bigger library.

3. Hansraj College:
Hansraj College is one of the best colleges in DU but its infrastructure has not really been something to boast about. However, it too has now updated its facilities with a new yoga room and gym.
CCTV cameras are now being installed, along with that another seminar hall and the auditorium has been renovated.

4. Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College:

Not to be left behind is the lesser known Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College which has now upgraded on its academic and sports facilities as well as included a new conference room, 14 brand new classrooms, and 2 seminar halls.

5. Deen Dayal Upadhyay:

Deen Dayal Upadhyay college has now moved base to a new campus that is spread across 11.5 acres and is complete with new buildings and classes along with new furniture.

With the new campus, there is more space for accommodation and hostel blocks, a new lab to conduct research and a huge library that stretches over 3 floors and also has an e-resource center that allows students to study from online journals from Cambridge or Oxford publications.

The campus has also been made on eco-friendly steps with rainwater harvesting system, composting plant and in-house sewage treatment plant being added to keep the campus neat and clean.

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