5 Drone Technologies That Will Buzz Your Brain

The word apple is no longer just a fruit, and the drone is no longer just a male bee. Drones, more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles, have been in existence for more than over a century. The recent technological developments have helped in improving the use of drones and expanding their capabilities over almost all grounds.

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Drones are aerial vehicles that do not need an onboard pilot for their operation. The propellers that are usually associated with drones are again, not a necessity. They are most often used in order to improve stability and help in making drones feasible.

Where Are Drones Used?

Capabilities of drones are limitless. It is used in military, agriculture, for photography, surveillance, delivery of goods, aid, and also for leisure.  Every day there is a new innovation or an improvement to the existing designs. Many say that it is not long before this invention conquers our air.

With a huge range of designs, each differing from another very minutely, there are a few that still manage to stand out of the drone crowd.

1. Prime Air: Amazon’s Delivery Drone

Amazon had introduced Prime Air to enhance its delivery systems. With Prime Air, it promised to make deliveries in 30 minutes or less. Now, drones usually have a very short flight time, therefore need to be recharged at regular intervals. To overcome this hindrance, Amazon came up with a unique concept. Just like pit stops in a marathon, Amazon decided to provide its drones with adequate power through docket stations set up on lampposts and keep the drones going on their mission.


2. Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System or CRACUNS

One might find drones that conquer both air and water. But, what sets CRACUNS apart is the fact that it can stay underwater for very long durations – almost two months, before being called for duty.


Drones come in all shapes and sizes, and the simple fact that they can fly makes trespassing a very simple task. Therefore, drones that keep an eye on other drones are also a reality.

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Designed by Theiss UAV Solutions, Excipio is a drone that is known to intercept, and literally, bring down its target. Once the threat is identified, Excipio is launched. As soon as this drone reaches its target, with a command from the system operator, Excipio releases a net on the target and a small drag chute helps to slow the fall of the intercepted drone.


4. SECON’s Flying Security

This drone is made to improve security systems, in order to protect businesses and homes.  What’s peculiar to this drone is that once it detects a threat, it starts following the would-be burglar, and clicks their photograph. In case the burglar has a vehicle on him, this drone is made capable to click a photograph of the number plate too!


5. Nixie

Still a prototype, Nixie is probably the first wearable drone. One can wear it around their wrist and release it when they wish to click a photograph of themselves. The main objective of this drone is to enable individuals to capture moments in conditions where using the front camera of a phone is either very dangerous or not efficient enough to capture their surroundings.

In order to take a photo, Nixie needs to be thrown in the air, and just like a boomerang, it returns to the user after clicking the photograph. 


6. PokéDrone

With the current trend of PokémonGo, designers are already working on drones that will not restrict the game to just the land. If not any other drone, the PokéDrone is sure to shake the drone market.

With developments in technology occurring at a very high rate, there is very little that a drone cannot do. Adapting to trends and requirements of the mass, this technology is dedicated to making lives easy, and smart.

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