5 Boring Indian Cars That Got Exciting New Facelifts In 2017

By Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

Bored of looking at the same cars over so long? I think it will be correct to call 2017 lucky!

With the starting of New Year, many 4-wheeler companies have initiated to bring on a new makeover for their cars. Sound great!

Many facelifts have been projected by companies to take an edge over other companies in such a cut throat competition.
It seems that companies want arouse the instinct of buyers with their new strategy. Now, whether it will prove fruitful for them or not, that’s a big question in such a highly unpredictable market.

Hyundai Elantra

Let’s start with the premium Hyundai sedan Elantra that came with its 5th generation in India in 2012. No doubt, this car won hearts in its era! Well, that was expected as it was technologically quite advance than others!

Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Elantra

The front with vertical smooth chrome grills made it look hostile and very non- aggressive. Car seemed to be cuddly! Yes, cuddly, with curvy looks.

But, many of us would have got disinterested and bored by seeing it day in and out on roads. Well now, Hyundai is back with the 6th generation Elantra with mind-blowing looks! The much waited model gets a quite aggressive and lavish look. Yeah!

With Hexagonal front chrome grill and radial Led fog lamps, the car is ready to reign the road! I think that this facelift was much needed because on Indian roads (with more pits and less asphalt concrete), ground clearance is very vital.

Also the LED fog lamps add to the utility as they last long as compared to conventional lamps. The car comes with a 1582 cc engine with an average of 19.6 kmpl in city!

Tata Hexa

Tata Aria is a name that could not make much hold on market, because of its plain design and unappealing look!


I think the lack of this model to grip the market inspired Tata to come with its successor, the Tata Hexa.

I’m sure you might have not seen this car on road very often. But to revive its image, Tata is back with Hexa that is equipped with all premium features like all passengers’ airbags and interior upgrades. Aggressive front with strong moulds on bonnet make it sure to get anyone’s attention.

Hexa comes up with fairly good ground clearance of 200mm with cool design.
The 4×4 variant offers even better grip on off -road terrain. However, if one wishes comfort with power, the automatic variant is the option.
However, it might be quite expensive to use daily because of heavy duty 2179cc engine with just 14.2kmpl average in city! 

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Tucson

Another name in Indian automotive market that could not make its grip because of its ‘blunt’ shape.

But, the all new Hyundai Tucson bears no resemblance with the older one! New model features ‘fluidic’ design ( as in Hyundai Elantra). Car is made quite sporty and tough.

The 3rd generation Tucson is for real enthusiasts for sure! Wseater .41 Lakh (ex showroom) of worth, this car features a 1999 cc petrol engine with 16.7 kmpl average in city. The 5 seater is pure luxury with safety features like ABS (anti lock breaking system) and crash sensor!

Woah, sounds cool!

Toyota Innova

Toyota is renowned for its quality and toughness all over! With its tough and Indian-roads friendly MPV innova,  Toyota conquered the markets. It was so durable that most of the transport companies used to have Innovas in their fleet!

Earlier Innova was not less than any other car in any sense!

The all new Toyota Innova Crysta is the next successor! Along with Aggressive looks it also ensures durability and elegance.

With a massive 2675 cc engine, this 7 seater gives you a mileage of jut 7.5kmpl in city. To handle so much power, it features front disc and rear drum brakes with turning radius of 5.4 meters.

It would be no wrong to say that company had taken all possible steps to mix luxury and power in this car!

Volkswagen Jetta

Everyone knows where the legendary brand VW stays in the market. VW cars are a souvenir to great historic development in the field of automotives.

Carrying with it, the legacy and gallant of VW, the Jetta gained lot of popularity and fame. Although if we see the older model today, it might disappoint us but for that time, it was a boon!

The cute and cuddly car was a gift for the automotive enthusiasts in that era.

But, here comes 2017! With all new stylish and ripped Jetta!

Jetta now gets a ravish look with Audi style tube lamps running in the headlight. Alloys and streamlined body further adds to its looks!

Priced at 15-21 lakhs, the car features a 1968 cc engine that can generate a maximum torque of 320 Nm. Well, the power of the car can be estimated from the fact that it can accelerate from 0-100kmph in just 9.8 seconds. Woah! That’s just amazing.

With a top speed of 202kmph, Jetta features disc breaks for both extensions!

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