The 5 Best Shaero-Shayaris By Zakir Khan (Video)

We all already knew Zakir Khan, the standup comedian. By now, we also know Zakir Khan the show judge and of course the shayar.

Zakir’s shayaris have been going viral across the internet with the top one being the ones he performed in the Jashn-e-Rekhta festival. Find it here.

His everyday common man charm that has attracted laurels to him in the comedy world has also seeped into his attempts in the shayari world. His words are not difficult, his style of presenting simple and his ideas complex. He lures and captures the audience effortlessly, expressing his pain and loss in a manner which does not take long to touch a chord deep inside.

Because when Zakir Khan speaks, he tries to maintain that happy-go-lucky persona that he always dons. His comedy is all very observational and he makes fun of everything in his life, including himself.

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He passes off problems and failures as mere pebbles in his path and makes us laugh about it. We do not see the pain he must have felt when he went through those situations, we only see the humorous side that Zakir makes us see. We do not realize the sheer amount of effort it took him to see things that way.

But the moment his persona cracks is when he recites his shayaris, that’s when you see his pain and loss and happiness and suffering and highs all encapsulated into those few sentences.

You can almost see a different side of Zakir peering through the cracks when he recites. And you feel his emotions in yourself when you hear his words. Don’t believe me, check out these 5 best Shayaris by him in the video below:

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