5 Awesome Websites You Could Be On Instead Of Studying

How should you be spending your time? Wasting it on these incredible websites that’s how!

waste time with amazing and fun websites

With Christmas being just around the corner, you know what time it is. The fall 2016 semester is wrapping up everywhere and college students like myself have to study hard. Like really hard. Like please-god-help-me-pass-I-swear-I-will-study-next-semester hard.

With that in mind, I spent some time and compiled some of the best, least known websites that will help out with your mundane existence. You will feel guilty for not studying and wasting your time. Consider yourself warned.

waste time with amazing and fun websites

So, (drum-roll please…)

5 Awesome Websites You Could Be On Instead Of Studying:

  1. Find The Invisible Cow

Best thing I’ve come across all week. Think back to your childhood and all those “Hot-Cold” games you used to play. Replace it with a white dude going “cow-Cow-COW” and have yourself a good time. Consider donating if you find yourself in a particular good mood.

  1. The Most Exclusive Website In The World

The title says it all. Take part in a surreal experience and try to get into the most exclusive website on the internet. Only one person at a time gains access so get on it right now. The legend says the website has the answers to the age old question: “where did all my motivation to study go?”

  1. Pointer-Pointer

If you need proof that magic is real, check this one out. I swear to god this has some next level voodoo shit going on. A fantastic time waster and occasionally you’ll come across something from 90s. God I miss what used to be passed as fashion back then.

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  1. Rrrather

Unleash the annoying middle-schooler in yourself and play the ever so interesting game of “Would you rather” with the rest of the world. Hard Mode for the brave: Sort it by NSFW under categories.

  1. TypeRacer

A great way to improve your typing skills by battling out with other people on the site. The faster you type, the faster your car moves. It also has dedicated typing tutorials where you can finally learn the home row method if you missed your chance to learn touch-typing.

(Yes, I lied. Get over it. )

Explore the world from your chair. Requires just the right amount of effort. Yeah the soundtrack can be a bit annoying so feel free to block that. A great way to learn about things you didn’t know you needed to know. Like did you know a giant earthworm could grow up to be three meters long? Talk about things straight from nightmares.

Did you enjoy this list? Wanna share something with the rest of us so we all can be just as productive as you? Go ahead and comment!

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