450,000 Condoms Given Out At Rio 2016 Olympics- Everyone Wins Here

If you think that the Olympics are just about sports, sportsmanship and winning, then think again.

Apart from winning gold, athletes going to this prestigious and worldwide known sports event, would also be winning in other areas.

So, fret not if one is not able to win in the actual event, a prize might still be waiting during the duration of the Olympics for all the participants and staff.

And that prize is… sex!


Yes, every year, the International Olympic Committee, gives out tens and thousands of condoms both male and female to the staff and participants in a bid for them to have safe sex.

But this time they went all out with around 450,000 condoms being given out at the Rio 2016 Olympics, that amounts to about 42 condoms for each athlete in total, or 2 per day.

That seems to be a lot of sex that these sportspeople seem to be having.

At the same time, I do completely agree with this decision of the committee, since prevention is always better than the cure.

Imagine if a female athlete got pregnant in the middle of the games, all of her hard work and waiting to get to the Olympics will all go down the drain. Not only that, but one must also take into account the various sexually transmitted diseases, because of which these condoms are not just a luxury but a necessity.

Another reason that I feel is behind the large number of condoms at the Rio 2016 Olympics is due to the recent breakout of the Zika virus. Although it mainly spreads from mosquitoes, but can also be transmitted sexually.

All these reasons are more than enough to warrant the high number of condoms to be given out.


Now that the case of the high number of condoms is dealt with, we can move onto why so much sex is happening at this event. What about it makes it so special and different that the committee requires so many condoms.

The reason for this is actually simpler than one might think, and that is, the high competition level and close quarters makes sexual activity occur on a more frequent level.

It is mostly the psychological mindset, one is always in an extremely charged situation, whether one is competing, has won a competition or even lost one. All these, result in a higher rate of pheromones and emotions that lead to two people having sex.

Signing off, I would just like to say…so what if these athletes are having so much sex. It’s the least they can do while competing on one of the highest sports competition in the world. Let them be happy and win a little something.


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