4 Car Modifications You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now

It has been suggested that 2017 will be the year of driverless cars. With Tesla’s new mid-range model releasing this year and a general improvement in driving technology overall, very people would doubt that prediction. However, that doesn’t mean the typical and humble family car has been phased out. Far from it, actually.

car modifications


Many people don’t really trust the idea of a self-driving vehicle. Due to the increasing number of driverless car accidents, including some fatal ones, more and more people are becoming weary of the idea of a self-driving car. So where does that leave the typical car owner? Well, right back at square one.

Since you won’t be replacing your family car anytime soon with a driverless vehicle, why not invest some more into your current car?

Cars are expensive after all, and your investment should be lasting you at least a decade or even more depending on how frugal you are. So to help you improve your current vehicle, here are four car modifications for your family vehicle that you never knew you wanted.

Car Tuning

Car tuning sounds like an expensive job targeted towards owners of luxury cars and sports vehicles, but it’s actually more useful than you might think for a typical car. Many individual components of a car and its engine can be tweaked for things like fuel efficiency or speed.

The job itself doesn’t cost much, but it does require a lot more maintenance once you’ve tuned your car because the parts tend to loosen after a while.

If you’re interested in car tuning, then visit your local garage and ask them what options you have for your vehicle. Not every car is suited for tuning, but the newer your vehicle the more likely you can make meaningful changes.

car modifications


New Exhaust

If you love the wild roar of an engine, then you’ll be right at home with a new exhaust system. Not only can it pave the way for increased horsepower, it can look stylish and amazing as well.

Exhaust systems can be rather expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the money. Take a look at flowmaster exhausts if you want a good balance between value, performance and style.


If you’re driving a family car then you’ll know all about the struggles of keeping your children entertained during the ride. There are countless entertainment systems that you can install into your car.

From tablet devices to in-seat WiFi, you have a lot of choices depending on what your family wants. If you find yourself driving long distances, how about an in-seat DVD player?

If your kids like to play video games, then perhaps a tablet device would be ideal.

car modifications


Body Kits

While it’s not recommended to change the height of your ride on a standard car, if you have an SUV or similar large vehicle then it could be an interesting decision.

Raising the height of your car gives way for larger wheels, but it also increases the height at which you sit, meaning that you have more room to view the road.

Since you can see more, you’ll have an easier time keeping your eyes on the road to look out for oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and most importantly, cyclists.

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