3 Things you will never forget all your life!!


Someone has very rightly said “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”.

Yes, indeed!!

Life goes on, people come and leave. We fall for some and forget some but, in the end, what we are left with are loads of memories. Memories that we treasure!!

Out of all these, here are just three things you will never ever forget all your life!!

The warmth of your mother’s lap

mothers lap

The memory which each one of us cherishes even today is that of laying our heads in our mother’s lap and that too whenever we needed her the most.

The safest place to be when one’s heart is broken.

The place to go to when one needs to feel comfort and be cherished and loved.

The place to go to when one is hurt or scared or lonely.

This is what defines a mother’s lap.

One can never forget one’s mother’s lullaby, her reassuring voice, her warm touch and her promise that seems to say ‘Don’t worry, everything would be fine’.

“Maa, your lap is the warmest pillow. When the burning pyre sets me free I will come and sleep some more”

Your first relationship


One person you will never forget, one whose love will leave an imprint on your heart and one whose memories will remain in your heart forever. That’s first love.

First love is powerful.

First love is magical.

It touches our lives and enriches them forever.

Your first love will be one who will be the hardest to get over, the one who can still make you smile even when you are having the worst day ever and the one who will stay forever.Because first love never leaves!!

 The joy of being blessed with an angel


Children are a blessing.

That innocent smile, those lovely eyes, those soft hands and even that cry of his makes you feel like “Heavens fall here”. All the pain and the anguish disappear when you see that little being. After waiting so long for him to come, here he is, in your arms. Ahh, that feeling…You feel blessed. You feel special. You fall in love with each and every bit of it.

The only time he cries and you laugh, the only time when your joy knows no bounds!!

Unconditional love and pure bliss is what defines the moment!

I bet you would not want to exchange that feeling for any damn thing in this world.


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