After 11 years of constantly nagging about how Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai was the best thing Indian TV ever produced, we can now stop with this load of pseudo-populism.

The expectations left by 11 years of fame gap were too high.

Episode one wasn’t that bad. But it wasn’t that good either. The expectations left by 11 years of fame gap were too high.

The episode begins with the Sarabhai family caught in a bus which is half on the ground and half about to fall into a gorge. This particular scene has been copied from so many Bollywood flicks that even Pritam would feel embarrassed while watching it.

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Except their skin losing 11 years worth of youth and humor, nothing much has changed. 

The episode further introduces the characters Indravadan, Monisha, Rosesh, Maya, that-deaf-kaka, Dushyant (the techy) and tells us how they have changed. Except their skin losing 11 years worth of youth and humor, nothing much has changed.

Monisha and Sahil now have a child named Arnab, or Ornab, as pronounced by the high-class hair-dyer Maya Sarabhai. Also, Arnab is too quiet for a person sharing the same name.

It’s surprising that Rosesh’s poetry has gotten less funny and more horrible than what it was a decade ago. It leaves you with a psychological scar and a headache.

One thing that Indian TV lacks is good writers. Even though it is now on Hotstar, we can still find a tinge of stupefying story-line or a lack of quality writing which is one of the special elements of Indian soap opera. The plot of the first episode is aimed at justifying how the Sarabhai family ended up in the bus and how they got out of it.

Let me tell you how they ended up there:

They ended up in the bus because they were on their way to see a baba to fulfill Monisha’s sheepishly low-class mannat. And hence the title of the episode: Monisha ki Mannat. (*Takes a bucket full of water, freezes it and beats the shit out of my head with it*)


  • Acting: Who am I to judge such wonderful and qualified actors. It was indeed a pleasure to watch them all together after such a long time.
  • The subtle humor: Not all jokes can be expressive. Innuendos like Indravadan saving his son-in-law’s contact name as “I’ll Explain”.
  • The setting: The line of characters is fabulous. And the flat they stay in is as gorgeous as the upper-middle-class cum capitalist class Maya Sarabhai.


  • Comedy timing: Abrupt and too straight forward.
  • Storyline: Same as that of a cheesy Indian tv flick.


Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Take 2 Episode 1 failed to uphold its sanctity. The Indian youth which watches, day and night, western shows like Modern Family, Friends, Big Bang Theory and the like would not find the Episode funny or humorous.

I’m not saying that we are expecting high standards as that of American shows but the fact here remains that the new season couldn’t even match with its last season. And that is why it’s a failed attempt at comedy.

Hope the other episodes wouldn’t disappoint the viewers, or the Universe at large.

I hereby declare that Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai has been ruined for me.

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